Wilt Chamberlain Rumors

Justin Kubatko: James Harden is just the seventh player in NBA history to follow up a 60-point game with a 40-point game. The others to do so are Wilt Chamberlain, Pete Maravich, Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, and Kemba Walker. pic.twitter.com/B6BBmnZDgS
On Saturday night, Harden dropped 60 points on the Atlanta Hawks in less than three quarters of play. It was another virtuoso performance by the world’s greatest offensive basketball player. Through 19 games, Harden is averaging an incredible 38.9 points per game and, barring injury, he’s on pace to win his third consecutive scoring title, something only MJ and Kevin Durant have done in the 3-point era. But the most stunning thing about Harden isn’t his numbers — it’s his style. He’s a rarity in pro basketball, regularly inventing new fundamentals. We haven’t seen scoring numbers this big since a 23-year-old Jordan put up 37.1 PPG. Before that, the only comparison was Wilt Chamberlain’s prime in the early 1960s. And Harden thrives much like Chamberlain did — in the kinds of isolated one-on-one matchups that were supposed to be dead by now.