Wilt Chamberlain Rumors

Nevertheless, if we look at just top statistical postseason tandems for any two teammates and not just those who won championships, James and Davis still rank at No. 9 overall, behind two different versions of Jerry West and Elgin Baylor (from 1961-62 and 1960-61) and four duos that featured Wilt Chamberlain when he was at his absolute peak, plus the aforementioned Shaq and Kobe and Kareem and Magic partnerships. In fairness to the old-school duos, particularly to the ones led by Bill Russell and Chamberlain after him, the NBA didn’t start recording blocks or steals until 1973-74, so they could have ranked even higher if not for that.
In the fourth quarter of the Warriors’ March 2 matchup against the New York Knicks in 1962, Warriors coach Frank McGuire put Ruklick in the game. With under a minute left, Chamberlain had 98 points. Ruklick got the ball as a few Knicks guarded Chamberlain, and once Chamberlain got open, Ruklick threw him the ball for the history-making basket. Chamberlain said at the time that he asked McGuire to put Ruklick in the game because he thought some of his White teammates may not want him, a Black man, to reach the success of 100 points, the Northwestern Magazine wrote.