WNBA Rumors

The New York Liberty are finally about to have a new owner. An investment group led by Brooklyn Nets minority owner Joseph Tsai has agreed to buy the New York Liberty, pending approval by the NBA Board of Governors, two people familiar with the purchase told The Associated Press on Monday. They said the WNBA Board of Governors approved the sale a few days ago. Those speaking to the AP did so on condition of anonymity because no announcement has been made.
SB: To you, why is it important that NBA teams hire WNBA players to put in front office and coaching roles? KEVIN GARNETT: I think it goes both ways. The WNBA should take on men as we’re taking on women in positions. It helps it all. I think the NBA needs to invest more into the WNBA. It’d be nice to see them on a shinier stage, a shinier plateau. If I was the WNBA, I’d be more aggressive towards sponsorships. If you can’t get those dollars, I’d be aggressive and try and grab dollars where the partnerships fit and think outside the box and be innovative about the whole thing. There’s no better game than the WNBA, and I love celebrating it. It’s basketball at the end of the day to me. I don’t see it as gender.