Woody Allen Rumors

Woody Allen: The Knicks are one kind of distraction. For the two hours you’re at the Garden you’re only focused on that. I follow them. I go. I have been a season-ticket holder for many years. They have not been very exciting. It was a nice little flurry for a while but then [Jeremy Lin] got hurt, so we’ll see what happens next year. I am a big sports fan, baseball and basketball, everything. People will say to me, “Does it really matter if the Knicks beat the Celtics?” And I think to myself, “Well, it’s just as important as human existence.”
Filmmaker Woody Allen is famous for saying 90% of life is just showing up. Sunday night he was a no-show. While his film “Midnight in Paris” won an Oscar for best original screenplay, Allen was at home. Allen, who never attends the Academy Awards, didn’t even watch the show. “He was saying that the NBA All-Star Game was on at the same time so he might have to turn the channel,” said the film’s producer and Allen’s sister Letty Aronson said. “But I bet (wife) Soon Yi told him he won.”