World B. Free Rumors

“You know what he has? He has the ‘it’ factor,” former Warrior World B. Free said. “It’s a person that just knows what he’s doing, knows he’s good. Not many guys have it. You know Michael Jordan had it. Magic Johnson. Larry Bird. Dr. J. Allen Iverson. It factors. When you see those guys coming, you know you’re in for a long night.” For Mullin, the “it” factor is also found off the court. “How he handles himself,” said Mullin, who checks in at fifth on the Warriors’ scoring list. “His appreciation. His dignity. His humility. We can all learn from how he carries himself. With all he’s accomplished, and all he’s been through, yet he has still managed to cling to what’s important and be the kind of person you want as the face of your franchise. It’s inspiring.”
A personal health crisis set the 65-year-old on a new path. “I had a heart attack a couple years ago. As an athlete we don’t think that anything can happen to us you know, we think we’re invincible,” said World B. Free. World has now teamed up with Oak Street Health, encouraging seniors to be advocates for their own health. “You can move around, you can do it. Life is not promised to us, so get healthy,” said Free.