WWE Rumors

“Oh my God. I’m going to be heel,” Kanter said. “I’ll be the biggest heel the WWE has ever seen! I feel like it is more fun. It’s like entertaining people more. And for me, it’s like getting in people’s face and trash talk them and troll them. I don’t cuss, but I trash talk a lot… It’s just definitely more fun to go out there and be a heel, be a bad guy, I don’t know, I just like it better.”
Before any formal jump into the political arena, the athlete has another ring he wants to throw his hat into – as a professional wrestler with the WWE. “Post-NBA, this is gonna sound weird but I actually want to join the WWE, become a wrestler,” said Kanter, who last year won a WWE 24/7 Championship belt wrestling in Madison Square Garden. “I just love WWE.”
At this point, it’s no secret that a number of NBA stars are pro wrestling fans, and we’ve seen pairs such as the Nike LeBron 14 take direct inspiration from in-ring athletes. The trend will continue this month as Damian Lillard’s signature sneaker takes on a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin theme. Branded across the midsole with rather obvious “DAME 3:16” branding—a reference to Stone Cold’s famous “AUSTIN 3:16” catchphrase—the black, blue, and gold sneaker also includes another potential nod to the WWE legend in the form of a snakeskin texture across the toe. Despite the storytelling, this does not appear to be an official collaboration with the WWE.