Wyc Grousbeck Rumors

The Celtics were trying hard to keep Doc Rivers in 2013, but Brad Stevens has worked out better than even Doc might have with a constantly changing roster. “Well, listen, when I hired Brad, I believed he would be a very good NBA coach,” Danny Ainge said. “I certainly didn’t know it, because he had never coached in the NBA, but I knew he was a great person, and I knew he was smart, and I knew he had a great work ethic. And that’s a great place to start, and that often times leads to success. “You know, Brad was an outstanding move, yeah. He’s a joy to work with. I think that not only is he fun for me to work with, he’s fun for everybody to work with. I think he’s someone that respects every person in the organization, from the lowest-level people all the way up to Wyc and Pags (part-owners Wyc Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca). I think he has relationships with everybody in the entire organization. And that makes my job easier, because so much of my job is managing people, and when there’s conflict, it just makes my job harder. So having a guy like Brad around makes my job easier, and I can focus on more important things.”
The team’s ownership group, led by chairman Wyc Grousbeck, is composed of private-equity veterans. Fifteen years ago, the group bought the Celtics for $360 million, a bargain. They not only wanted to hang another championship banner here — the last had come in 1986 — but also sought to unlock the value in what had become a moribund franchise. Enter Gotham, a tech executive, charged with identifying the team’s consumers and making it easy for them to fall in love again with the Celtics. It helped that money guys and tech evangelists were becoming part of other N.B.A. franchises as well as the league’s front office.
Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck wants his team to be legitimate competitors with the Golden State Warriors, “Within a couple of years,” he said in an interview on 98.5 the Sports Hub Monday. In a wide-ranging interview that covered everything from the Kyrie Irving trade to the future of the NBA’s business model, Grousbeck was measured in his expectations for his reformed team this season.