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Yam Madar Rumors

Since arriving in the United States during the first week of July, Yam Madar has been training with Berdugo at The College of New Jersey, the current home of Camp Step It Up. Madar and Yogev Berdugo have also worked out at the National Basketball Players Association headquarters in Manhattan. Madar will travel to Boston on Monday for 48 hours, where he’ll meet with the Celtics front office and get a few workouts in. He’ll then head to Los Angeles for about 10 days to continue his preparation before returning to Boston for summer league training camp.
The biggest concern regarding Madar’s game when they drafted him was his 3-point shooting, according to sources around the Celtics organization. His exceptional passing and ball-handling were great strengths, but they weren’t going to keep him on the court at the NBA level – he needed to be able to shoot at a high level, and this past season was a major step in the right direction.