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Zach Lowe Rumors

Mark Cuban isn’t here for any Luka Doncic slander. The Dallas Mavericks owner, speaking with Jemele Hill and Cari Champion on their Vice TV show on Thursday night, made that more than clear. ESPN’s Zach Lowe called Doncic “one of the biggest whiners in the NBA” earlier this week on his podcast. “It’s constant,” Lowe said on the podcast. “Every time he drives he’s whining.”
Cuban, when asked directly what he thought of that criticism, didn’t hold back. “F*** you Zach Lowe. You don’t know s***,” Cuban said. “I know Luka, right? He’s not a big whiner. He’s passionate. He cares. He wants to win. He’s got some s*** to him where, yeah he’s one of those European players where you see him doing this all the time and talking in one of five different languages. But no, he’s not a whiner. He’s a baller.”

He confirmed that Wednesday with IndyStar: “This has been done for a while now.” It was signed in July. And the Pacers came to him about it. Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy said on ESPN’s Zach Lowe’s podcast last week that McMillan’s job was “in trouble” which led to speculation about who his replacement might be. With his deal being done for more than month, that clearly had no impact on the Pacers getting the deal done now.