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Zach Lowe Rumors

Zach Lowe, host of “The Lowe Post” podcast, spoke with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne about a number of Lakers-related topics, and noted (at the 12:08 mark) that his opinion is simply something that he envisions. “So, based on what I’ve heard, my prediction for what will be the starting five, not what should, but what will, is Russ (Russell Westbrook), [Kendrick] Nunn, and the Nunn buzz…there’s a lot of Kendrick Nunn talk, among 25 people who care about it,” Lowe said. “Russ, Nunn, LeBron [James], A.D. (Anthony Davis) and I think Damien Jones is right now the frontrunner to start at center, and I am as big a Damian Jones fan as exists in the NBA media.”
“I think one thing that happened at the trade deadline that I heard was that they were very close to a deal with Toronto that would have sent Claxton to Toronto for a first round pick and some protections on it,” said Zach Lowe on his podcast. “I think their intention was to sort of refit the roster by maybe flipping that pick for another wing, another shooter. Robert Covington’s name was mentioned. And sort of balance it out. That trade fell apart and Toronto went in another direction.”
Mark Cuban isn’t here for any Luka Doncic slander. The Dallas Mavericks owner, speaking with Jemele Hill and Cari Champion on their Vice TV show on Thursday night, made that more than clear. ESPN’s Zach Lowe called Doncic “one of the biggest whiners in the NBA” earlier this week on his podcast. “It’s constant,” Lowe said on the podcast. “Every time he drives he’s whining.”