Zeljko Obradovic Rumors

Zeljko Obradovic gave an interview for the Spanish El Mundo, where, among other things, he expressed his opinion that in the age where physicality reigns in basketball, the sport needs players like Stephen Curry and Sergio Rodriguez who rely on their talent. “We need players like Curry and Rodriguez”, said the Serbian coach. “Stephen Curry is changing basketball, and as he also says, it is all through hard work. Some years ago he had said that he can score with a thousand ways more than Lebron James. Everyone, back then, was saying: “Damn! Who is that guy?” But Curry has done it. He has succeeded”.
Coach, did you had a serious chance last summer to go to the NBA? Zeljko Obradovic: “No, sincerely no. There were some rumors about it and two NBA teams contacted some agents and not me personally. Some of them were considering some kind of interview, to go there and be interviewed by them. I said that I give interviews to journalists, not… you know. If you want to speak with me, first of all you have to come here. Secondly, if someone wants me, he knows everything about me. So, what else is there to speak of? If I am ready, if I know my job? This is really strange. In any case I was ready to meet their people and talk, but no one contacted me directly. They said to the agents that I should be ready (for contacts), etc. But I never gave to this any serious though, not until someone contacts me directly”.
You are still young… Zeljko Obradovic: “The most important thing is that I feel young. After my experience, which was good for my and for (former assistant) Dimitris Itoudis with the Detroit Pistons (ed. note: they attended their training camp last year), I said that I am ready to coach there. Before that, it would be very difficult for me to say something like that. Experience always helps in any decision. Now, I know that I don’t have any problem to coach there and I believe that not only me, but many European coaches have the quality to be there. The question is if those NBA people decide one day to get a coach…