So depleted that Dennis Schröder is being featured in network promos, the Lakers nonetheless remain the biggest draw in the NBA. The shorthanded Lakers’ surprising rout of the Nets averaged a 1.2 rating and 2.02 million viewers on ABC’s NBA Saturday Primetime last weekend, the league’s largest audience — excluding the All-Star Game — since February 21 (Celtics-Pelicans: 1.4, 2.26M). The team’s subsequent national TV appearance against the Celtics scored 1.14 million viewers on TNT Thursday night, the network’s most-watched game in more than a month (3/11 Warriors-Clippers: 1.25M).
Storyline: TV Ratings
Who’s your favorite matchup in the league? Ben Simmons: Boston. They’ve had our number for a while and being able to win—what we got? Three up on them? You always wanna get back at a team that’s gotten you a few times. What about a player? Ben Simmons: I don’t really think there’s one player I like going against. But, I like playing against Luka [Doncic], guys like that. Guys that have all that buzz going on right now. Bron, KD, I’m looking forward to playing against Steph, hopefully he’s playing.