The problem for Young is, his numbers on defense are also eye-popping. According to ESPN’s defensive real plus/minus scale, which is a player’s estimated on-court impact on defensive performance based on 100 possessions, Young ranks last of 490 players (-4.66). According to Basketball Index’s defensive box/plus minus scale, his -2.7 mark ranks among the league’s worst. “Defense is obviously an area I want to continue to get better at,” Young said. “But that’s all about an effort thing. Getting in better conditioning, better shape. That’s definitely an area I need to improve (individually). … One of our biggest struggles (as a team) this year has been on the defensive end and rebounding.”
Trae Young was asked Saturday if he’d like to see the NBA All-Star game in Oklahoma City some day. “It’d be super fun to get an All-Star game out in OKC,” the Hawks guard and former Sooner said. “Being able to go back home and play in front of them would be fun. I think they gotta get maybe one or two more hotels to be able to get it going.”
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Lloyd Pierce, Atlanta Hawks head coach, former Cavs assistant: And LeBron never pays attention. Never pays attention. So as you’re telling him to walk, he’s over here talking and rapping, he’s dancing. And you’re going through the play, and then when someone messes up, all of a sudden, he’s like, “You’ve got to be in position.” And he hits you with, “That needs to be a hedge. And we’re going to rotate over here.” But the whole time, he’s been rapping and talking. But he knows the play and he knows where everyone is supposed to be. And all he has to do is glance and see (someone else) make a false step. And this is where he’d blow your mind. “We played Indiana three years ago in the playoffs and in that third quarter they came out and ran power zoom and we tried to hedge that and they hurt us with that. We ain’t hedging tonight.” My first year he would do stuff like that. Not only would he say, “I don’t want to hedge. I don’t want to do that coverage.” He’d tell you why and then he’d reference the game when they tried that coverage and how they got beat.