Markieff Morris, who had other interest after receiving a midseason buyout from New Orleans after a trade from the Wizards, signed with Oklahoma City because he considered it a strong fit. Marcus Morris also believed so at the time, but in retrospect wishes his brother had taken another opportunity. “I just wish he never went there,” Morris said, “because I know he could have helped another team get somewhere just by the effect he has on the court.”
Storyline: Markieff Morris Free Agency
“I feel like they got outcoached,” Morris said. “There wasn’t no different looks at Dame, wasn’t no different looks at C.J. (McCollum). (Lillard) came off, scored 34 points in a half and you don’t trap him. Like, what sense does that make? I just don’t get it. And I’m not a coach or anything like that, but I feel like they just didn’t utilize their bench enough. I feel like my brother went over there for no reason. He never got an opportunity to play.”