Timofey Mozgov: I’m very dissatisfied with my NBA season. It was a hard one and really bad. The breaking point came quite unexpectedly. The coach just said: “This is the situation we have”. There were no transitional periods, just like this: bang! I had a personal talk to the coach later, but it did not help. Probably the coach had some ideas about me, but he failed to get them through, at least I did not understand anything. The team meeting at the end of the season did not make things clear either. There haven’t been any talks about the next season, so we’ll wait and see.
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In an interview with Taiwanese media on June 2, Lin praised the organization, saying “90 to 95 percent” of the NBA’s other teams wouldn’t have gone the extra mile the Nets did. He detailed just what the Nets had done for him. “I know I am blessed so much,” said Lin talking about the Nets organization. “The Nets have supported me so much. For my rehab in Vancouver, the car, accommodations, air fare, advanced rehab therapeutics were all paid by the Nets. They also had conferencing with Fortius weekly to set the rehab plans together. I will return to Vancouver first when back from Asia. It’s the Nets who asked me to go back there to check my knee.”
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