“Luckily, people respected what he did enough last year when he was a starter to put some faith in him,” Rozier’s agent, Aaron Turner said as he stood courtside after a Hornets summer league game. “People say, ‘Oh, Terry only shot this percentage.’ The Hornets are bringing him in to start. Look at his numbers as a starter. He’s right there with the elite, the [Mike] Conleys, the [Kyle] Lowrys. He’s not far behind Kyrie. He’s elite as a starter, and that’s what they’re bringing him in to do.”
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Tampering is so rampant in the league that if you ask who isn’t tampering, teams and agents all, independent of one another, mention one guy, and just one: Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak. Kupchak, of course, was the Lakers’ GM for 23 years before being fired in 2017, and was known throughout that time as The Last Honest Man in the game. (Kupchak chuckled when this was brought up to him Monday, but otherwise, didn’t want to comment.)