K.C. Johnson: This, from @wojespn, echoes what I said on @mullyhaugh on @670TheScore yesterday and wrote on July 21. With the 20-21 calendar uncertain, the long play remains in effect. In meantime, AK has empowered Boylen, staff during evaluation process. Where are the Chicago Bulls on Jim Boylen’s future? “Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley are spending time evaluating and getting to know Boylen, and remain in no rush deciding on the coach’s future. They’re able to watch him in the gym with players, talk philosophy and learn about his staff. Because several potential head-coaching candidates among the assistant’s poll are coaching in the bubble for the foreseeable future, there’s even less rush to open up a search process now.”
Storyline: Jim Boylen Hot Seat?
The shoe that the NBA banned Michael Jordan from wearing 36 years ago is finally returning this weekend — but it won’t be easy to get. Italian retailer Back Door Bottega on Instagram is currently hosting a raffle for a chance to buy the Nike Air Ship Pro when it releases tomorrow. Retail images show that the premium leather upper dons the iconic black and red — or “Bred” — color scheme inspired by the Chicago Bulls, while incorporating the original duo-lacing setup seen on the midfoot. The brand has given the classic shoe a modern twist by adding its latest React foam in the midsole and the sole unit of the classic Nike Pro Circuit tennis shoe.

Jim Boylen a keeper?

But as the Sun-Times learned this week, even if Karnisovas didn’t like what he would have seen from Boylen he would likely be handcuffed from making a change. According to several sources, there is strong growing momentum that financial concerns the Reinsdorfs have about the 2020-21 NBA season will keep Boylen in his current seat, as well as most of the coaching staff.
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While the league’s Disney World venture has gone smoothly thus far, with the league having twice reported that all of the players present have tested negative for COVID-19 while the games go on, sources say the National Basketball Players Association remains concerned about the safety concerns that would come with creating another location for the other eight teams to compete (Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Minnesota, Cleveland, Golden State). The NBPA, sources say, has been open to the idea of having in-market bubbles for individual team minicamps. So far, those eight teams have only been able to do 1-on-0 workouts in the facility with up to two coaches at a time.
The game-worn, autographed pair of red, white and black AJ 1’s — donned by Michael during the ’84-’85 NBA season — already has a $122k bid on Goldin Auctions website … with over 18 days left in the auction. The already incredibly high value of Jordan memorabilia has skyrocketed since ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries aired. In fact, a similar pair of AJ1’s recently sold for $560k.
Darren Rovell: $474,696: Final price paid for Air Jordan 1’s used in March 1986, modified to give support to MJ, who was coming back from an injury. @gottahaverock auction closed today.

Teams interested in Wendell Carter

An NBA scout told the Chicago Sun-Times that there were some teams actively zeroing in on several Bulls, including Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. Is it your normal due diligence or a lot more smoke than usual? In this case, it’s likely both. First, sources have indicated the organization hasn’t even crossed the trade bridge. Executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas hasn’t even rounded up the entire roster at the Advocate Center for a full workout.
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As for Carter, he basically became an afterthought in the offense. His touches seemed to disappear after being pushed into the garbage-man role, and his points had to come off offensive rebounds. That offensive philosophy already is being picked apart by the new regime, according to a source, so expect Boylen to have to teach a new look again if he is retained. But many of the defensive schemes Boylen implemented — minus the constant blitzes on pick-and-roll — have been applauded by the front office, so there’s that. So why has the Bulls’ roster drawn attention? Well, Markkanen, Carter and LaVine have had their issues with Boylen.

Why was the decision made to really elevate Steve Kerr especially with respect to the 1998 playoffs? He was always a role player. Meanwhile, Toni Kukoc kept them alive in Game 7 versus Indiana. Jason Hehir:We needed to find places within the doc to tell individual backstories. Toni’s was in Episode 5 when he faced the Dream Team. Steve’s was in Episode 9 when he hit his famous ’97 Finals shot. Hardcore NBA/Bulls fans couldn’t be our target audience, but unfortunately they’re our biggest critics because they wanted this largely to be about on-court events. We had to keep in mind that our audience is also the 20-year -old kid from France who barely knows what basketball even is. The amount of positive response we’ve gotten from countries that aren’t basetkball-crazy tells me we struck the right balance. I hope so, anyway.
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As one Bulls player told the Sun-Times on Wednesday, however, the growing concern is no current player is really being listened to. LaVine, several veterans, a seemingly disgruntled rookie, no one. For a new-look front office that came out on Day 1 and said they would build a foundation on being “players first,’’ it’s now starting to feel like they’re not even in the top three.
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It’s been expressed very publicly by the likes of Denzel Valentine and second-round pick Daniel Gafford, and it’s also been expressed privately with the Sun-Times reporting that several key players were very open with executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas in initial conversations that went on when Karnisovas was hired, painting a very mixed review of the job Boylen had been doing. Enough so that several NBA scouts familiar with Eversley and Karnisovas had heard that the two were zeroing in on going after Philadelphia assistant coach Ime Udoka to take over the head coaching seat.

Bulls staying put?

I don’t know Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley well enough to know exactly what all their future plans are. I will tell you in the conversations I have had with people that are in the know and just kind of the what’s going on around the team… my sense is that they like the roster. Not I’m not saying anybody’s untouchable, but they think that there’s talent on the roster and they’re more focused on why has that a talent underachieved as opposed to making major changes.
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This would allow the Charlotte Hornets and seven other teams not at Disney’s campus dramatically more activity than currently allowed. The proposal under discussion — which has not yet been approved by the league or the players union — would include: ▪ A week of practice at individual teams’ home facilities, starting the second week of August. ▪ Possibly two weeks of group workouts hosted by two teams not in the restart. Those cities have not yet been finalized. Teams traveling would likely be contingent on the players union approving teams scrimmaging each other.
Hornets general manager Mitch Kupchak and the other seven general managers affected have lobbied hard over the past month for more practice time. For now, individual players can work with up to two coaches on skills development. However, players can’t work out against each other in a team facility.
Daniel Greenberg: Isaiah Thomas in the gym with Zach LaVine. A couple of weeks ago Thomas said on IG Live that he always wanted to play for the Chicago Bulls and that “playing in Chi with Zach would be cold.” (Video via isaiahthomas/IG)

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The NBA basketball jersey given to Michael Jordan on the day in 1984 when he first signed with the Chicago Bulls will go up for auction in December, Julien’s Auctions announced on Monday. The red and white jersey emblazoned with Jordan’s name and the number 23 is expected to fetch between $200,000 and $400,000, the auction house said. The basketball legend, age 21 at the time, smiled and held up the jersey at his first press conference as a member of the Bulls. He went on to become the heart of the Bulls dynasty that won six NBA championships in the 1990s.
Michael Jordan’s super-rare, game-worn, signed Bulls jersey from his rookie year in Chicago just hit the auction block … and you guessed it, His Airness’ uni top could bring in $500k!! MJ — who was drafted 3rd behind Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie?? — rocked the red mesh size 42 Rawlings jersey multiple times during the 1984-1985 campaign … where he averaged 28.2 points per game, led Chi-town to the playoffs, and won Rookie of the Year.

Thaddeus Young very available?

In fact, according to executives from two other teams, Thad Young, not LaVine, is the player considered most readily available. That’s largely based on Young’s displeasure with his role and usage last season, his team-friendly deal that carries only a partial guarantee in 2021-22 and his dependability and professionalism.
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The days of a Fred Hoiberg strolling into an NBA facility as a first-time head coach with five years on his contract and $25 million guaranteed in his bank account are likely over. According to several NBA executives, the entire league is about to feel a historic economic crunch when and if the Orlando bubble holds and this season is able to wrap up, and that will start with the salaries for first-time NBA coaches. One executive told the Sun-Times that he expects the yearly salaries to be cut in half for new head coaches, no matter how good the coaching resume looks.

Knicks, Nets interested in Zach LaVine

We bring that up because those players are more likely to be traded than a player like Mitchell or Booker. And it’s worth noting that both the Knicks and the Nets are among the teams who have been monitoring LaVine’s situation in Chicago. Per SNY sources, both teams have done background work on LaVine to be prepared for the possibility that Chicago ends up listening to trade offers on the 25-year-old guard. LaVine averaged 25.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.5 steals last season for the Bulls. He hit 38 percent of his 3-point attempts and 49.7 percent of his two-point attempts.
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LaVine averaged 25.5 points, 4.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.5 steals last season for the Bulls. He hit 38 percent of his 3-point attempts and 49.7 percent of his two-point attempts. It’s fair to say that the Bulls, who have a new team president in Arturas Karsinovas, have yet to find a long-term solution on the coaching sidelines nor have they been successful in surrounding LaVine with talent in recent years. If that instability continues, would LaVine look to leave Chicago when he hits free agency? If so, the Bulls would probably be open to trading him instead of losing him for nothing. This is what teams like the Knicks and Nets are keeping an eye on with LaVine and the Bulls. Beal and the Wizards, to a certain extent, fit the same profile. With regard to New York and Brooklyn, both teams have the assets to swing a trade for a young, talented player like LaVine.
Robinson was so incensed about it that in 2000 that when Jackson was the Western Conference All-Star coach and attempted to greet Robinson during the customary pregame introductions, the stone-faced big man sprinted past without acknowledging Jackson. “That’s just Phil,” sighs Kerr, who remains friendly with his former Chicago Bulls coach. “When he first mentioned the asterisk, I just rolled my eyes, because I knew his game. “He likes to provoke, to get under people’s skin. He was poking the Spurs because they were a threat.”

Bulls keeping Jim Boylen after all

The Knicks are the only team without a coach and sources indicated the Bulls are expected to stand pat with Jim Boylen. “In trying to be thorough and doing everything perfectly, the Knicks are dragging it out to a new level,’’ one NBA source said. “I believe they know who they’re going to hire, always have. They just need to make sure.’’
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The fact that Karnisovas has full autonomy to reshape basketball operations is being called into question from some corners now that he’s been on the job for over three months and not fired coach Jim Boylen. Multiple outlets, including NBC Sports Chicago, have reported Karnisovas indeed owns the authority to recommend a coaching change to ownership, the standard leaguewide protocol for such decisions.
Any negative player feedback regarding Boylen, which on Monday featured a jab from backup center Daniel Gafford as he streamed himself playing video games, it seems management is trying to offset by creating a positive, inclusive atmosphere. That atmosphere has included Boylen, who sources said visited White in North Carolina as part of Boylen’s normal offseason routine to build relationships with players. For now, those visits are on hold with so many players in-market and COVID-19 cases spiking again.

Bulls keeping Jim Boylen?

Beyond the fact Karnisovas has publicly declared himself to be a “thoughtful and deliberate decision-maker,” the above reasons make it easy to understand why Karnisovas hasn’t yet gone to ownership to present a case for a coaching change. And also why it wouldn’t surprise if he didn’t do so for 2020-21. Unless a proven, decorated entity is available, such a change would be a hard sell at a time when the team’s main source of revenue has dried up and no formal group activities are occurring. Only Karnisovas knows if, say, giving a first-time head coach an opportunity is an ask of ownership he wants to cash in during this unprecedented time.
Management has sought Boylen’s input on player development strategies, according to sources. There have been discussions regarding the draft and free agency. Boylen has watched voluntary workouts at the Advocate Center with Karnisovas and Eversley, and they’ve dined together as well. This also has been previously reported, but Karnisovas has a comfort level with lead assistant coach Chris Fleming, with whom he worked in Denver. He knows assistant coach Dean Cooper from their shared backgrounds with the Houston Rockets. And he made the decision to retain Loenser.
Karnisovas and Eversley have said they plan to create a player-friendly franchise, and LaVine and Thad Young both have praised their communication and transparency. Any negative player feedback regarding Boylen, which on Monday featured a jab from backup center Daniel Gafford as he streamed himself playing video games, it seems management is trying to offset by creating a positive, inclusive atmosphere. That atmosphere has included Boylen, who sources said visited White in North Carolina before White returned to Chicago as part of Boylen’s normal offseason routine to build relationships with players. For now, those visits are on hold with so many players in-market and COVID-19 cases spiking again.
Storyline: Jim Boylen Hot Seat?
As Bulls coach Jim Boylen’s future with the organization remains unclear, a young reserve player on the team has given him a less-than-glowing assessement. Rookie center Daniel Gafford expressed his belief that Boylen has “got some things he can get better at as a person and as a coach.” Gafford made the comment on his personal Twitch stream Monday afternoon as he played 2K and took questions from those in the chat room.
Storyline: Jim Boylen Hot Seat?
“I’m going to answer this question, but I’m not going to read it out,” Gafford said. “As a matter of fact, I will read it out. Do you like Jim Boylen? He aight. I don’t like him a lot, but he OK. Got some things he can work on, got some things he can get better at as a person and as a coach. I’m not going to hate on him. I’m not going to hate the man.”
Scalabrine, who played under Thibodeau in Boston and Chicago, also compared him to the Patriots coach. “Very similar to Bill Belichick if you ever to go to a Bill Belichick practice,” he said. “Every smallest detail of his practice is talked about. Every pass has to be seamed. Every shot has to be quick and balanced. Every pick-and-roll you have to come off shoulder-to-hip.” At one Bulls practice, Scalabrine lost focus and learned that his history with Thibodeau wouldn’t spare him from wrath. “Thibs laid into me something fierce,” said Scalabrine.