Someone out there was willing to pay $23,548 for the jersey that J.R. Smith was wearing during the Cavaliers’ devastating Game 1 overtime loss to the Warriors in the NBA Finals. You know, the game where Smith made that heartbreaking mistake, not realizing the Cavs were not winning in the last seconds of regulation. NBA Auctions put the jersey up on June 1 and closed it on Thursday. The crazy jump in price happened from Monday to Thursday when it began climbing from $2,160 to more than $23,000.
Brian Windhorst: “My feel is that LeBron James is not picking up his player option – that LeBron is going into unrestricted free agency, and that will result basically in San Antonio and Houston being out of the mix. I think he will interact with [San Antonio and Houston], but I think it’s Philadelphia, Cleveland or Los Angeles [Lakers], with Cleveland or L.A. being the two real choices and Philly sort of being there.”
12 hours ago via ESPN
Storyline: LeBron James Free Agency