J.B. Bickerstaff hasn’t been tested for coronavirus. No one in the Cavaliers organization has. He said all of his players are healthy and asymptomatic. “I don’t feel any effects. My kids are good. My wife is good. I feel like the people who need the test should use the test and they should be the ones getting tested,” Bickerstaff said. “At this point, I’m comfortable with where we are and the steps that we have taken to protect ourselves.”
Storyline: Coronavirus
There are deeper concerns. Health, safety, quality of life. More important things to consider. But there are also 17 games on the Cavs’ schedule. Bickerstaff was hoping to capitalize on that time. He still is. “I would hope to play the final 17 games to be honest with you,” he said. “Where we are and how important that is to us as a team in building and the taste it can leave as we go into what would have been a summer break — guys wanting to go out, work, prepare and get better because they start to see some things heading in the right direction. That momentum I think was going to be and would be important for us.”
Does Bickerstaff, who has been in the NBA since 2004, have any guess on what will happen? “Not at all. I know they will be relentless in their effort to do what’s best by everybody,” Bickerstaff said. “By everybody, it’s not just the teams that are involved, but all of our fans. Sports have always been a release for everybody. You have a tough day at work or whatever, you can come home, watch the Cavs and lose yourself for two and a half hours in that. This point in time, with all the stuff going on, I think it would speak volumes when it gets back. I think it will be a celebration. Make a huge impact on people’s lives.”