Clarkson, one of three NBA players given an exemption by the league to play in Jakarta, said he had a frustrating time while his status for the tournament was being considered. The NBA also granted exemptions to Houston Rockets 7-foot-1 (2.17-meter) center Zhou Qi and Dallas Mavericks forward Ding Yanyuhang to play for China. “We went back and forth so many times, saying I was going to play, then I wasn’t going to play,” the 6-5 (1.96-meter) Clarkson told Philippines’ reporters after Thursday’s game. “Now, being able to participate is awesome.”
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Along with fundamental skills like ballhandling, passing, and defense, there’s an additional panel at the camp focused on mental health, raising awareness of the issue amongst parents, while educating them on warning signs and ways to find support for their kids. “The struggles of some NBA players like DeMar DeRozan, Kevin Love, they just came out talking about their issues,” said Delon of the camp’s more holistic approach to development. “I think if we start teaching them young as they get older it might help. Even if it’s one kid out of everybody, you’re still helping one kid, and that’s all that matters.”
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