Dellavedova never though twice about throttling down and popped up quickly before getting into an offensive set that ended in a missed 3-pointer. Sometimes the end result doesn’t matter most in these situations. “That’s our boy,” Nance said. “That’s the type of thing that endears him to these fans and to us as teammates. You see him doing that and it makes me want to dive on the floor, makes J.C. (Jordan Clarkson) want to dive for loose ball just because you see your teammate giving everything they’ve got. We need more of that.”
“When he gets into the game, the energy and the intensity goes up,” Drew said. “You can not only see it, but you can feel it. I certainly can see with some of our other players how it’s rubbing off, and that’s a good sign. We need that second unit to be an energized unit. I know if I put guys in before him, if they’re not energized, I know once he gets in the game the energy is going up and they better be ready and they better be ready to get on board.”