This is the first you’ve read on The Athletic of Gilbert’s May 26 stroke. As of Wednesday, he remained hospitalized in suburban Detroit. I haven’t had much to say about this because the details have been sparse. He suffered a significant stroke early that morning while at the hospital, he was awake the next day, and his recovery is going to take a while, is what we can gather from the statements released by Jay Farner, chief executive for Gilbert’s lucrative mortgage-lending company, Quicken Loans. Also, business as usual was to commence with the various company executives Gilbert has put in place at his companies within his multi-billion-dollar empire in charge. I want to try to provide a little context for what that means with the Cavs.
Storyline: Dan Gilbert Health
Still, it wasn’t easy to pry her away from Cal. Then a dinner in Cleveland helped the decision. “It was Koby and Coach Beilien and J.B. Bickerstaff that made me feel like, ‘This is it. I have to do this.’ I called my husband and said, ‘I’m not sure there are three people in the NBA I can have dinner with that I could have enjoyed more.’ Who they are as people is really a big part of this,” Gottlieb said. “The mission, vision and values of the Cavs and what they are trying to do really appealed to me.” The 41-year-old Gottlieb, who guided the Golden Bears to seven NCAA Tournament appearances and a Final Four, nearly worked in close proximity to Beilein once before. But two weeks after she was hired as an assistant for the Richmond women’s basketball team, Beilein left Richmond for West Virginia.