The 10.7 rebounds Doncic grabs on a nightly basis are so much more than triple-double filler. Following an opponent’s missed shot, Doncic grabs a greater share of rebounds than nearly any perimeter player in the league—more than centers like Nikola Jokic and Steven Adams, according to data from Cleaning the Glass. For that matter, Doncic is on track to have one of the best defensive rebounding seasons ever for a perimeter player. You can see a similar effect on Clippers lineups with Kawhi Leonard or Heat lineups featuring Justise Winslow. Both hit the boards with force, and in doing so give their teams the freedom to bring in more shooters or perimeter defenders. The same concept applies, to varying extents, with the Pelicans’ Josh Hart, the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown, or even an oversize point guard like the Spurs’ Dejounte Murray. The shifting demographics of the NBA have made rebounding wings even more beneficial. With fewer trees towering above the canopy, a greater number fall to these bigger wings.