Paul Millsap isn’t worried about the Nuggets’ offense. Typically free-flowing and fluid, it has been noticeably mundane and labored over Denver’s four-game losing streak. But Millsap, the Nuggets’ defensive anchor, still isn’t concerned. “We don’t care,” he said ahead of Thursday’s game against Atlanta. “We were 9-1 and last in 3-point percentage, so the offense doesn’t matter. Our main focus is to win games. Our offense is going to come. We’ve got a lot of talented guys, a lot of guys who can score the ball. … If we get down, get our defense back right and get our routine right on defense, we’ll be alright.”
There’s a growing trend of players steering themselves to other teams ahead of free agency, à la Butler, George and Leonard, a movement some have called “Pre-Agency.” “It just doesn’t feel right,” said George Karl, who coached Denver eight years ago when Carmelo Anthony forced his way off that team to the New York Knicks. “I’m not sure Jimmy Butler’s happy with what he’s feeling right now. I’m not sure Kawhi Leonard feels good about what happened. I’m not sure Melo enjoyed what he did.”