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Without divulging specifics, Murray admitted there were still a few physical limitations he was battling in his first official practice after tearing his ACL. But he was still in a light mood, simply happy to be back among his teammates. “I feel rejuvenated in a way,” said Murray. “ … First day of school vibes but it’s my seventh year doing it. I’m getting up there. It’s a lot of fun. I’m just happy to be on the court and back in the mix, not over there somewhere rehabbing, running around. I’m just happy to be finding my routine again.”
With the Nuggets, he didn’t get much of an opportunity, but he learned a lot playing with former MVP Nikola Jokic. One of the best passing big men in the league, Jokic imparted wisdom to Hartenstein about reading defenders and not being afraid of making mistakes. “He just taught me there’s certain aspects where you look more at the defender. Sometimes I can get the pass through it because the defender is not looking at [the ball],” he said. “Just looking people off with my eyes.”
Today was the first full practice that Jamal Murray went through since tearing his ACL in April of 2021. The Nuggets star point guard, though he’s entering his seventh season in the NBA, showed some legitimate excitement today. Often, talking to the media can be seen as a drag for NBA players. Instead of being defensive, Murray held court, answering questions openly and thoughtfully about various aspects of his return to the court. “I feel good. I feel rejuvenated,” Murray declared. “Just playing hard. Playing aggressive. Trying to pace myself.”