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This is about his often-overshadowed playing career, which was so impactful that he lands at No. 22 on The Athletic’s list of the 75 best players in NBA history, the second-highest player on our list who never won a title. “You know a funny story Joe Dumars once told me about Barkley?” Green said, referring to the former Pistons legend, one of Green’s basketball mentors. “Joe D said, ‘I never used to dunk the ball. That wasn’t me. I never used to dunk the ball. But one day, we were playing Barkley.’ I think Barkley was still in Philly. He said, ‘I caught the ball in the paint, went up to dunk it. Barkley came out of nowhere and all I heard was: Give me that shit, Joe! That was my last time trying to dunk in traffic.’”