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Garza, who was the 52nd overall pick, was named to the All-Summer League second team after averaging 15 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.8 assists and one blocked shot in five games with the Pistons. He finished off his stay in Las Vegas with his best game, recording 21 points and 15 rebounds. According to Ian Begley of SNY, the Pistons are expected to convert Garza’s two-way contract to a standard NBA deal prior to the start of the season. Detroit would then have an open two-way spot they could use to sign an additional player.
Billups had long been set on a front office position in the NBA, stemming from his respect for and connection to former Detroit Pistons executive Joe Dumars, who built the championship team that Billups led as a point guard. “I felt like I learned from Joe D. what it takes to be a champion — from a personnel standpoint and personality standpoint — not only on the teams I was on and the way he built them, but the personality he has in really connecting with people,” Billups said. “I felt I could be really good at that job. Really good.”
Any idea how many Pistons players are already in town working out ahead of the start of training camp? — @robearl2x ► A. I’ve heard that they all were going to be based in Detroit for the summer so that they could continue with their group and individual workouts at the practice facility. There’s no reason to think that wasn’t the case. There have been posts on social media with some of the young players together, so the assumption is that they’ve been around. The summer is the one time that they’ve had to visit their hometowns and take some vacation time away from basketball, so I imagine that’s happened as well.