Storyline: Klay Thompson Injury
No longer are the Golden State Warriors “light years ahead” of the 29 other NBA teams. Instead, they sit at the bottom of the league with the worst record (12-43) coming out of the All-Star break. For a team that won three NBA titles and reached the Finals in each of the past five seasons, they now have their sights set on the draft and free agency and not the playoffs. “The great thing about this is we can re-imagine the next dynasty,” owner Joe Lacob told USA TODAY Sports during the NBA’s Tech Summit during All-Star weekend. “I think it’s been a good year for us to take stock with where we’re at and try to recreate.”
Oh yeah, and the Warriors expect to have a fully healthy Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney next season. “You add one guy and it can change everything,” Lacob said. “We already happen to have two of the greatest shooters of all time. Look at the games. We’ve only been losing by six or eight points. But add those two guys, and we’re already pretty good. I think Wiggins is going to help a lot.”
As for Curry? The Warriors plan to reevaluate him in early March after fracturing his left wrist only four games into the season. Since then, Curry has spent the last three months healing. He has spent the past month completing various shooting workouts. “Steph is coming back. That’s not even a discussion internally,” Lacob said. “He’s ready to play so he should play. By the way, we’ll try to win every game. I’m not really about, ‘Let’s lose every game so we can get the best pick.’ You try to do that, you’re messing with the basketball gods. So we don’t believe in that.”
Storyline: Stephen Curry Injury

Warriors keeping Jeremy Pargo?

The 10-day contract comes with plenty of stakes and few guarantees. If a player lasts all 10 days, he can be released or signed for another 10. Once that second 10-day contract ends, the player can be released or signed for the rest of the season to a prorated minimum contract. Per a league source, the Warriors are likely to let Pargo finish the season. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. For salary-cap reasons, the Warriors might want to give their last couple of roster spots next season to second-round picks or undrafted rookies.
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