“I love the Bay Area, man,” said Curry, who is entering his 10th season on the Warriors after they drafted him seventh in 2009. “The only reason I go home now is if my sister’s getting married or to go play the Hornets for that one game, so I haven’t really been back much. I haven’t put my mind there.” Simmons wondered if the pull of Charlotte has loosened for Curry now that he’s 30, if Golden State feels more like home now and if the five-time All-Star now feels like he wants to be a Warrior for life. “For sure I do,” Curry said from Oakland. “This is home. This is where I want to be, for obvious reasons.”
Curry brought this up in a 2014 interview with the Star Tribune’s Jerry Zgoda, and he advanced that theory to a national audience again recently when he appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast. “My guy David Kahn. I don’t know where he’s at right now,” Curry said on the podcast. “I think the word on the street was that he didn’t draft me because Minnesota is cold and I wouldn’t be able to play as much golf so I’d be miserable.”
Even during the NBA offseason, Stephen Curry doesn’t have enough time to play golf, no matter who is inviting him to play. Curry told Bill Simmons on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” that former President Barack Obama has invited him to play golf, but he doesn’t have the time to make it out to the East coast to play. “Barack, if you’re listening, I appreciate the invite. It’s not that I don’t want to be there, it’s that I literally just can’t,” Curry said.