David West played power forward for the Warriors from 2016-18, winning two rings in the process. During an interview with The Ringer’s ‘Real Ones’ podcast, West detailed that there was a lot of ego in that Golden State locker room, especially after they acquired Kevin Durant. It was Steph Curry’s team before (and arguably while) Durant was a Warrior, but West said that the two-time MVP point guard had to make a lot of sacrifices to accommodate the new talent. “So Steph was the one making the most sacrifices and I’m like, ‘Yo, the [expletive] you doing? You gotta do what you know, man.’ I would say that to him some nights and he’d look at me [funny]. Because I don’t think anybody would tell him, like, ‘Yo, you trippin’. You can’t pass that one, dog,’” West said.
Perhaps it was Curry’s sacrifices that enabled that Warriors team to be so successful after KD’s arrival. After all, it was Durant who won the Finals MVP in both of Golden State’s championships in 2017 and 2018. “It’s hard when you’re dealing with those super-talented guys. Ego is a part of this thing,” West continued. “Ego is a big deal, but it’s everybody. You’ve got literally five Hall of Fame guys on the same damn team.”