Daryl Morey optimistic about season return

Rockets CEO Tad Brown said “we’re going to get this season in,” in an interview with RocketsWire’s Ben DuBose on Saturday, and Houston general manager Daryl Morey echoed the sentiment in a Facebook Q&A on Sunday. “I don’t know [when], but we will be back for sure,” Morey said after a virtual watch party for the documentary Where Amazing Happened. “We are prepping for playing Denver in case we go right to [the] playoffs. …I don’t think we will go right to playoffs, though.”
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While the NBA is on hiatus, former Thunder star Russell Westbrook found time to wrap up some business back in Oklahoma. His single-story home, which he bought shortly after joining the team in 2008, just sold for $426,900. The nine-time All-Star, who now plays for the Houston Rockets, has purchased plenty of real estate since then. In 2015, he bought a Beverly Crest abode from Scott Disick for $4.65 million and upgraded again three years later, nabbing a Brentwood mansion near LeBron James for $19.75 million. This one’s a bit more modest at just over 3,000 square feet. It sits on a landscaped lot in Edmond, a suburban city a few miles north of the Thunder stadium.
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In a podcast with RocketsWire on Friday afternoon, Houston Rockets CEO Tad Brown expressed optimism that the NBA will be able to resume its 2019-20 season following its coronavirus-induced shutdown. “First and foremost, we’re going to rely on the health professionals to tell us when it’s safe, and tell us the path on how to move forward for it to be safe for our players, for our coaches, and for the people who are involved in those games,” Brown told RocketsWire.
“We’re going to come through the other side,” Brown said Friday. I can honestly say Tilman has been fantastic with me, with our staff, with everything that we’re doing while under a significant amount of stress.” “He’s given me and Daryl [Morey] the directive to continue to handle things the way that we’ve always had to handle things during times of crisis like this. Tilman has been fantastic with the Rockets and Toyota Center organizations, and really supporting us in that endeavor.”
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“The tough part is what you don’t know,” said Keith Jones, Houston Rockets senior vice president of basketball operations and a longtime athletic trainer. “You don’t know how long the runway is going to be before you’re full speed. A process that took 10 weeks [at the end of the offseason to ramp up to the regular season] might be compressed into 10 days. Getting their bodies conditioned to play again, we’re going to need some time. “Nothing mimics NBA basketball except NBA basketball. Everybody’s going to lose that conditioning.”
Javair Gillett, Houston’s director of athletic performance, emailed each Rockets player a detailed and customized program to follow — including strength training, flexibility training and cardio. An in-house app, typically used for the offseason, houses videos demonstrating each of the exercises so players know how to do them properly and avoid injury. The Rockets also employed another customary offseason move, giving each player a duffel bag that included resistance bands, pulleys and an exercise ball. “We’re trying to monitor,” Jones said, “and make sure they do the most they can with what they have.”