“Very, very disappointed,” James Harden said following Game 5. “Obviously we still have to go out there and play a basketball game and series, but it affected us. It was a distraction and he was a huge part of our rotation. But we still had to go out there and try to win games.” From what I understand, House apologized to the entire team before exiting the bubble. It was a bad decision made on his part, but one that didn’t just affect the team — it might have affected his future.
GQ: What did you make of the Rockets losing as badly as they did to the Lakers? Vernon Maxwell: I mean, I wasn’t surprised. They were overmatched against the Lakers. And then playing that small ball, I just don’t understand that. You’ve gotta have a big. Your tallest guy on the court can’t be 6’7”. That’s just not gonna work against AD and LeBron. All they were doing was playing bully ball. I said it before the series started, I felt like the Lakers were gonna win that series in the fashion that they did. I pretty much knew that.
Mike D’Antoni is out as head coach of the Rockets. You’ve been petitioning for your former teammate Sam Cassell to replace him. What about Cassell makes you think he’s the best option? Vernon Maxwell: I just feel like it’s his time. He’s been on the bench as an assistant coach for 15 years [Cassell started coaching in 2009]. I get tired of these owners and general managers, they just recycle all these goddamn coaches. You’ve gotta try something new. You’ve gotta give them a chance to see what they can do, and I don’t think that’s fair to guys like Sam. They need to give him a chance and a legit shot. Let him bring in his people that he wants and I think he’ll do fine. He’s ready now.
Storyline: Rockets Coaching Search
What’s the response you get from Jazz fans now on Twitter? Vernon Maxwell: Death threats, all that s—. They want to kill me. I can’t come to Utah. They hate me. I don’t hate nobody I don’t know. I’ve gotta know you to hate you, because you must’ve done something to me to hate you. It’s hard for me to have hate in my heart, but that’s the way they feel and that’s fine with me. I don’t have a problem. If they do come at me, when they come they better come for real. S—, they’ll print this s— back up and I can get back to being Mad Max again. I’m Glad Max now.
What’s the reaction you get in real life? Vernon Maxwell: People love my twitter account: ‘It’s hilarious, man. Keep doing what you’re doing.’ Everybody loves what I do except Utah and probably Oklahoma City now. When I go back to Houston everybody is cool with it. No complaints. [Houston Rockets] President, Tad [Brown] is not saying ‘Max you’ve gotta cool down with your tweets.’ It’s more, ‘man we love your Twitter page.’ So nobody’s ever said anything to me about it. I just do what I do. I don’t have anything else to do.
“When he got the plantar fasciitis, he really did a lot of things to get himself ready to play,” Lucas said. “He was coming off of (near) five 20-rebound nights (in late November), so he was playing really well. Clint was emerging as someone who I thought was positioning himself to be an All-Star in our league. His game has grown so much. His game is so versatile. He can run the floor. He’s the exact prototype of what you should be looking for in a center.
“He did so much for us defensively with his shot-blocking and his ability to run the floor in transition. Clint had begun to finish everything around the rim this year. He has a great left-handed jump hook. He’s really good faced-up. His free throws have been a work in progress. He’s about 63 or 64 percent, so he’s getting better there. The better and more versatile he is, the better Clint is. Now he’s getting to play with Trae Young and John Collins. I think he’s a perfect fit for them. He’s got spacing around him and they’re a young team for him to grow with. I think that’ll be less pressure for Clint because, in a sense, he becomes the veteran on that team.”

Yesterday was LeBron's 15th playoff triple-double, more than 2nd place Oscar Robertson and 3rd place Russell Westbrook *combined*

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