What about employees—do you have a rough number of how many have been furloughed? Tilman Fertitta: Probably 40,000. You have to understand, this is a big company. Marriott and MGM have furloughed tens of thousands of employees. I can keep everyone employed, that’s easy. But then we would just fold up in 45 to 50 days. My employees want me to save the company. I can tell you honestly, people will work in this office for no pay. They want to save the company. Do people want a job for four months or do they want a job for four weeks?
Is this an existential crisis for your company? Tilman Fertitta: For the country! If I survive, the country survives. I can tell you this, I’ll survive this before the country does. Okay? I’ll out-survive the country. Just like I out-survived the banks in 1987, okay? The country will fold before I do. If the country is shut down come October or November, it’ll be anarchy in the streets. Do you not agree with that? TM: Expand on that—what do you mean? Tilman Fertitta: If nobody’s back to work and everything is shut down six months from now, how do you think we’ll be operating as a people? As a society?