On Wednesday, SportsTalk 790 host Sean Salisbury asked Stone if he was offended by talk of “tanking” — i.e. intentionally losing games to boost the team’s odds of getting a high pick from the 2021 draft lottery. Stone replied: I don’t know if I get offended, but it’s not what we are doing. There definitely are teams doing it, it’s just not what we are doing. We just took absolutely catastrophic injuries this year. That’s what happened. So, our record is what it is. I do think there are teams that are trying very hard not to win games, that are perfectly healthy. Different teams are choosing to do different things for different reasons.
Morey appeared in The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, where he shared his thoughts on everything and anything basketball. He surprisingly said the three-pointer may be “worth too much.” But he believes teams should be maximizing the worth of the three-ball. “A lot of people don’t like how the game looks right now. I actually have empathy for that. Basically, when they put the 3-point line in, they made it worth three. The bottom line is it is worth too much. It skews the game, and it makes it so there’s only one, really only one path to being a good team. You have to be utilizing that at a high level.”