The five-time NBA champion spoke to ESPN’s First Take this week to discuss various topics and would liken LeBron to himself and another NBA icon in Larry Bird, pointing out the superstar’s willingness to share the basketball, as well as his ability to attack the rim himself. “Lebron is just like Larry and myself, and he is so unbelievable when he’s coming down the court, his head is up,” Magic told First Take’s Max Kellerman. “He’s always willing to make the pass to make his teammates better, but also two, he can go down the middle and dunk on you.”
“We stay in contact with our guys. We’re trying to help them as far as if they need equipment to work out with, weight training and that type of stuff,” McMillan said. “Everything is closed down.” The coaching staff isn’t huddling about Xs and Os, or pondering more wrinkles for a defense that has grown progressively better by mixing in zone concepts and switching more often. The Pacers keep the players up to date on developments with the organization and league and what it means.
Plenty can change, for better or worse. “Of course you think about it. You wonder when we’re going to play again,” McMillan said. “When we do start back, everybody will be off the same amount of time. It’ll be like starting the season over. Most, if not all, of the gyms around the country are closed. If you don’t have a gym in your home, that’s somewhat of a challenge.“
Amid a strange scene that ended with the cancellation of not just a game but the postponement NBA indefinitely, Strack remained himself. For those unfamiliar with the 6-foot-5 native of Indiana, his face may have exhibited urgency as he explained the scenario to the officials and motioned for Thunder assistant general manager Rob Hennigan to join the huddle. But Strack’s face maintained the same controlled concern he has when talking to players in pregame with a hand on their shoulder and an even tone.