You’ve got a new team this year. Are you looking forward to playing in Indiana this season? Tyreke Evans: “I’m definitely looking forward to this season. I went out there for two weeks, just to get to know the trainers and the coaching staff. Worked out with some of the guys there, some of the young guys. … I was there for two weeks working out with them. Coach is excited about the work I was doing and excited to have me. I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be a good year for us.”
How did Myles Turner, a 6-foot-11 professional basketball player in his early 20s end up looking “pudgy” by his own critique despite all of the exercise he did? Well, this diet, as he described to ESPN: “Cutting Popeyes fried chicken, Waffle House and Whataburger out of his diet and no longer devouring eight slices of pizza in one meal, Turner hired a personal chef; he has sculpted his body from 14 percent body fat down to nearly half that. In mid-June, Turner posted before-and-after pictures of his body, and new six-pack, on Twitter that went viral.” Yes. An entire pizza in one sitting.