“A lot of the slowing down of the game had been the result of stringent illegal defense rules,” says Carlisle, whose first season as a head coach, with the Detroit Pistons, coincided with the reforms. “The [defensive three-seconds rule] was a major step toward the game that we have today. Ball movement and creating offensive scrambles for open shots was becoming more of the norm than posting up a great player, having him back in, drawing a double-team.” In the ’90s, the post-up had been a central feature of many NBA offenses. Carlisle noted that one of the enduring images for him of the late ’90s, when he was an assistant coach with the Indiana Pacers, was watching Mark Jackson deliberately back down New York Knicks guard Charlie Ward, who would squat in a defensive stance that looked like something out of pro football.
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Harrison Wind: Michigan State forward Miles Bridges says he met with the Nuggets at the draft combine today. He says he also met with CHI, SAC, IND, CLE, SAS, CHA, PHI, NYK and LAC. Bridges is a versatile combo forward who’s projected to go in the late-lottery
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