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“That’s what we’ve gotta do right now. We’ve gotta capitalize on cap space, on picks,” Pritchard said. “In any way we can, we got to be gritty as a staff, if can we acquire more of those to have a chance to be part of our big core. And we’re developing the core. People ask me all the time, do you have that core? Maybe, maybe not, but we’re getting closer and next year we’ll be closer. “That’s the fun part of our business is being creative and generating ideas. Look, we have three first-round picks it looks like next year. We have close to $30 million in cap space. And we’ll be active to use that cap space to acquire more assets. That’s just natural, but I think it gives us the ability to pivot in a lot of different ways. We have optionality out the butt. At the end of the day, I want to be able to sit in the room with Herb and management and coach and say, ‘Alright, here’s our possibilities. Where do we want to go?’ In the past it’s been, ‘We’ve got to go down this path. This is the path we’ve got to go down. It’s only going to get us so far, we know there’s only so far, we’ve got a freaking ceiling.’ What I want to do is remove a ceiling and that takes time. It’s going to take time.”
Brian Windhorst: Any any explanation to the intrigue on why Rob Pelinka And Darvin Ham delayed their press conference by five days? … Why would they do that? Why would they do that? Dave McMenamin: I just know around the same time that occurred we were hearing from the Pacers GM that Myles Turner will for sure be with the team to start training camp so I don’t know.

Pacers sign Langston Galloway, Justin Anderson, and Norvel Pelle

The blue and gold agreed to deals with Langston Galloway, Justin Anderson, and Norvel Pelle. Galloway stands out as a noteworthy addition within that group. The guard has been in the NBA for eight seasons and has spent time with various competitors — including Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Milwaukee — during the last two campaigns. He played in two playoff games for the Suns during their run to the 2021 NBA Finals.