On Wednesday, Nurse joined SN 590s Jeff Blair and Richard Deitsch on Prime Time Sports, where he answered a pair of questions regarding the Raptors future following Leonard’s departure. “Listen, there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it now that it’s over. You know, we’ve got guys here and nothing changes much for us – we’re into development, we’ve got some good looks at some guys at Summer League, we’ve got a bunch of guys getting together here for our regular summer workouts, et cetera so we just move on and progress towards training camp… I probably haven’t given it that much thought.”
Nick Nurse: “I think aggressive defence, I think playing a lot of people throughout the regular season, changing defences, being really good late game. None of that stuff changes for me. I think that’s what we want our team to be and where we go from there. Now, listen, you can say [Leonard] made a lot of big buckets and he was clutch in the late game and all that kind of stuff but we’re gonna have to develop that from somewhere else.”
Lou Williams is somehow both underappreciated and respected. He’s arrogant and humble. He’s young and old. He’s super laid-back and he’s an assassin. He lives in a quiet town and throws parties so big they inspire hit rap songs. He makes his own music and doesn’t care to promote it much. He never starts and is always one of the best basketball players in a game. He won’t go unnoticed and he won’t say a word. He does things his way and is the ultimate teammate. He keeps to himself and he’s cool with every celebrity you know. He hasn’t been an All-Star and he regularly puts up All-Star numbers. He writes his name in record books and could not give a shit about his legacy. The story of Lou Will can be broken down into what seems like a million contradictions, but they’re not. They all make perfect sense for the Underground GOAT.
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