Q: Why did you ask the Rockets for a trade even before the team made it a goal to bring in Chris Paul? Patrick Beverley: I’ve learned a ton under James (Harden). (I watched) how hard he works at his craft, how hard he competes (and) how hard he plays on both ends of the floor. I wanted to see if I could step out of my realm and get that type of responsibility. I wanted a bigger opportunity for myself. I was fortunate to be able to have that with the Clippers. (I was) super excited with how the season started. I played real well. It’s just unfortunate (that the) injury (happened). I’m super excited, still, to have that same opportunity and still be able to compete.
Q: How did you battle back from your injury and how is rehab coming along? Patrick Beverley: Rehab is fine — over and done with. I got cleared about two months ago by Dr. Lowe. (I was) coming from a season where I (was) playing, arguably, the best basketball I’ve ever played in my life. (I had) a career high in points (and) a career high in steals. (It was) an unfortunate situation, but everything happens for a reason. It forced me to get stronger, mentally and physically. I’m ready to go.
Storyline: Patrick Beverley Injury
MARC STEIN: But I did hear enough chatter in various Vegas conversations to believe that the Raptors have given legit consideration to gambling on a trade for Leonard, with three obvious problems to contend with: 1) Leonard can leave in free agency at season’s end, even if the Raptors are fortunate enough to trade for him. 2) Leonard’s camp has given no indication to any interested team that he plans to sign anywhere but Los Angeles (with either the Lakers or the Clippers) in July 2019. 3) Leonard’s readiness for next season, thanks to the quadriceps injury that limited him to nine games last season, has to concern teams in Toronto’s position as much as the idea of trading for him and losing him months later.