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Ballmer has been deeply involved in the planning and design for the venue, which will have state-of-the-art technology features and a host of elements that will make it purpose built for basketball and concert performances. No other sports will play in Intuit Arena, as it will be known thanks to a naming-rights deal with the software company that was announced last month. “For basketball, that means creating a sense of community,” Steve Ballmer says. “The more people feel like they are brought together, that makes for a better experience. I wanted to make sure it was a basketball mecca.”
Storyline: Clippers Arena
Given Ballmer’s technology background, sports observers have been watching to see if the Clippers try to find innovative approaches to distributing games or even in how the games are produced. Ballmer wouldn’t show much of his hand, but said that there is no question that the dealmaking landscape for pro sports teams and leagues is changing fast. “There are options,” Ballmer said. “Obviously if we can work the right deal with Bally, they’ve been a great partner for a long period of time. In business, you’ve got to have options. We have options.”