The​ Luke Walton​ situation​ isn’t​ going​ away anytime soon. Three days after the​ sexual assault​ accusations​ levied​ against​ the​​ new Sacramento Kings coach by former television reporter Kelli Tennant were first revealed, the NBA and the Kings are poised to announce on Thursday that they have commenced a joint investigation into the allegations. And judging by the credentials of the attorneys involved, it’s the strongest sign yet that the pursuit of the truth is seen as a major priority for both parties.
The Kings have hired Sue Ann Van Dermyden, the founding partner of the Sacramento law firm, Van Dermyden Maddux, who has extensive experience with employment law and decades of experience in conducting investigations. They also hired Jennifer Doughty, a veteran investigator and senior associate attorney at Van Dermyden Maddux. Meanwhile, the NBA has assigned one of its top attorneys to assist in the investigation. Elizabeth Maringer, who has been the league’s senior vice president and assistant general counsel of the Integrity and Investigations department for nearly four years, will lead the way for the league. Prior to her NBA duties, Maringer served 12 years as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (three as Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division).