For now, though, because of Damian Jones’ season-ending injury and the unknown of Cousins, sources maintain the priority remains adding a big. But there’s also been a push for patience. Cousins’ return, three weeks before the deadline, gives them plenty of evaluation time. The candidates: Dating back to early July, there was mutual interest between Tyson Chandler and the Warriors. Both sides began sniffing then, sources said, and again before he was bought out by the Suns and chose to sign with the Lakers a few months back. But that option is gone.
In chasing Davis, the Lakers may need a push from his agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, who also represents James. “I’d say if the [Philadelphia 76ers offer Ben] Simmons, or with the [Boston] Celtics’ package of picks and young players, the Lakers would probably be third,” the former executive said. “One would think that [Pelicans general manager] Dell [Demps] would want a deal done around the draft [with Boston’s picks].”
Multiple scouts and executives around the league are intrigued by what Ingram may or may not be in the NBA. He’s polarizing, but the former GM is not a fan. “I’m not an Ingram guy. I don’t like the inefficiency and style of play,” he said. “I respect the scoring ability, but he doesn’t separate with a live ball and hasn’t shown to be a consistent three-point shooter. We know how much that hurts [in today’s game]. He’s a good finisher and gets to the line. Defensively he’s brutal, and with his style of play and lack of shooting, I’m probably lowest on him.”