Hunter: David Robinson then got up and gave a blistering speech about having gone with his mother to the [National] Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and how she explained to him things he never knew. He said that what he saw there was overpowering, how he saw what they had to overcome and where we were at a time when we should be taking a stand. … That was like a Mack truck ran over John and Hornacek and Adam Keefe. They were the three. They came together. Somebody said they had been sent there by the owners, representing the owners. That was the first time they ever showed up. They kind of got shouted out of the room.
On Wednesday night, the once-beloved former Bull was wearing a Grizzlies jersey in a 122-110 loss to the Bulls at the United Center but still doing what he loves to do — and doing it on his own terms in a comeback season. “I just didn’t want to leave the game like that,’’ Noah said. “I feel like I worked too hard my whole life to end it like that, and I wanted to. I hadn’t had peace on the court in years, and I wasn’t enjoying playing basketball anymore, and I’ve always been somebody who loved basketball, loved to compete, loved to be in the locker room with my teammates. So I wanted to find that again, and I worked my ass off to be in this position.”