During the memorial, a 24-by-24-foot stage — 24 was one of the numbers Bryant wore during his 20 seasons with the Lakers — will sit in the middle of the arena floor with seating surrounding it on all sides. Staples Center executives say they are “hopeful” the event will finish by 1 p.m. and that everyone will leave promptly. The memorial will not be broadcast on outdoor monitors at nearby L.A. Live and those without tickets will not be permitted inside a closed perimeter encircling the arena.
Upon the memorial’s finish, workers will break down floor seats, move sections of seating into place for a Clippers home game and install the court and baskets. “Our goal is to have the building ready to go no later than 3:30,” Zeidman said. NBA rules stipulate teams must be able to access the court at least 90 minutes before tipoff, a league spokesman said, but Zeidman believes the Clippers’ and Grizzlies’ pregame workouts should not be affected should the building be ready for basketball as intended.
I won’t miss the way people around the Timberwolves speak about Gorgui: About his early attendance at Lynx games back when the WNBA had an uncertain future and the team was lousy. About his charity work or some small consideration he had extended. About how his heart and his pride vied for a place on his sleeve. I won’t miss it because it will continue. In the checkered lore of Wolves basketball, he is a keeper.