Will The Greek Freak fit the Miami Heat? “He would,” Milwaukee Bucks legend Michael Redd told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show. “He would. They got the shooters. They got the closer in Jimmy Butler. But I think Khris could be that as Giannis continues to develop, maybe the offense is more Khris-centric in a sense because we saw what Khris can do from a closing standpoint and a playmaking standpoint. So Khris can be Jimmy and Jon Horst will continue to do a great job of putting shooters around Giannis. There’s parallels there. The culture of Miami is different than Milwaukee but, he could fit in Miami for sure. It’s going to be tougher with that Brooklyn Nets team coming next year. Hopefully it’ll be without KD’s injury, which is everything. His recovery is everything to that team but, the East is going to be tough next year again, so we’ll see how everything turns out.”
Andre Iguodala believes Kevin Durant will be named the NBA MVP in the 2020/21 season. Iguodala picked Durant over his former teammate in the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry. “I’m looking forward to seeing KD. My preseason MVP [pick],” Iguodala said in an appearance on “The Match: Champions for Change” broadcast, per Marcus White of NBC Sports Bay Area, via Clutchpoints.
Storyline: MVP Race