“I got news that I got a vote to be on the All-NBA team,” Wade, who retired at the end of the regular season, said in a video posted to his Instagram story Friday. “Baby, did you vote for me?” he asked as he panned the camera to Union. “No … I voted for Klay Thompson,” she joked. “I voted for Klay too, but I don’t get a say,” said Wade. “With that being said, whoever voted for me, I do appreciate you, but you definitely could have saved that vote for one of the people who deserved it.”
“I am very excited about the opportunity to lead the University of Michigan’s storied basketball program,” Howard said, per the release. “I have been very fortunate to be part of a great championship organization in the Miami Heat for the last nine years — three as a player and six as a coach. It was always going to take something incredibly special to for me to leave Miami; however, I know in my heart this is the right place and the right time.”