“Obviously he’s going to get a tag of being a shooter because he looks a certain way. But he’s not; he’s a basketball player. He makes plays. He plays very well off the dribble. He’s a great 1-on-1 player and obviously he can shot the [heck] out of the ball. But everything you hear about him from the coaching staff, from the players, is how hard he works and how dedicated to the craft that he is. So obviously myself and Udonis [Haslem], we respect that coming to this organization. “And it looks like it was a great pick for us. So I look for him to continue to grow in this organization. And this year, we don’t want to wait with him. I look and see he got the opportunity now to make a difference in this league. So let’s get to it.”
He’s also eager to see what the future holds for Heat swingman Jimmy Butler, Wade’s friend and former Chicago Bulls teammate. “I’m excited for Jimmy, first of all,” Wade said. “I’ve always told him, and I think you guys heard it a lot, he’s a Miami Heat culture guy. So far, I’m sure that you guys can see that. So what he’s going to bring to that team is toughness, his form of leadership, his talent and abilities. It’s going to be a special year for him.”