Has Riley had any conversations with Dwyane Wade, who is contemplating retirement, recently? “I haven’t talked to Dwyane,” he said. “I’ve talked to his agent. I think now over the next nine days between now and July the 1st, now we can focus on all these things. We’ve shared texts. He’s communicated on a regular basis with a lot of people in the organization, but nothing has been decided with Dwyane. We want to have Dwyane back obviously, but there’s been no discussion about next year.”
Don’t expect the Heat to be part of any midnight meetings at the start of free agency this year. “I don’t know if there’s going to be any midnight meetings,” Riley said. “This might not be the year for us to do that. But we will plan. We’re already planning for the future like we did 2006 for 2010 and 2010, as soon as LeBron left, we were in it with Durant, we were in it for Hayward. I don’t think we’re going to be in it that way because we can’t. We don’t have the cap space and we’re up against the tax, so we have to do some other things in reversing that direction.”