Matt Velazquez: Mike Budenholzer says Thon Maker will slide into the big-man rotation following John Henson’s injury. Still deciding what to do with guards when it comes to replacing Donte DiVincenzo, but he says Sterling Brown and Matthew Dellavedova are ready. They also may only play 9 guys.
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Bobby Marks: The torn left wrist ligament and eventual surgery for John Henson will likely cost the Milwaukee center $750K in bonus money. Henson has $250K for appearing in 60 games and an additional $500K for 75 games. Both achievements were reached last season when Henson played in a career high 76 games. The Henson cap hit for 2019-20 will be reduced to $9.7M after the season once the bonuses are deemed unlikely.
Storyline: John Henson Injury
One of the shooters who has piqued Budenholzer’s curiosity is one of his former players when he coached the Atlanta Hawks: Kyle Korver. Korver spent five seasons in Atlanta and earned a spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star team in 2015 while being coached by Budenholzer. Korver is now with the Cleveland Cavaliers and it’s no secret the Cavs are more than willing to depart with the 6-foot-7 Korver and resume their rebuild since the departure of LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers over the summer. According to sources, the Cavs are seeking a first-round pick for Korver, although the prevailing feeling among several NBA officials is that no team will likely agree to the Cavs’ asking price.
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It’s no secret the Bucks are looking to trade veteran reserve guard Matthew Dellavedova who is a former Cavaliers fan favorite. Dellavedova began his NBA career with the Cavs in 2013 and spent three seasons with them before being dealt to Milwaukee in the summer of 2016 for Albert Miralles and $200,000. If the Cavs were to take on Dellavedova, they would likely request a draft pick or young player as well.