Dane Moore: Sources: Glen Taylor has responded to Meyer Orbach’s lawsuit claiming the right to liquidate his $300M stake in ownership of the Minnesota Timberwolves Part of Taylor’s response is that “there may never be a sale” — and that Rodriguez and Lore merely have an option to purchase pic.twitter.com/tCDcErt38s

Storyline: Minnesota Timberwolves Sale?
Via Beasley’s Instagram account, the Timberwolves guard had a lot to say. “I want people to learn from me, because it’s going to be one helluva story,” Beasley said. “This last year is just a chapter, and I hoped you stayed tuned to the end.” “I’m not looking for sympathy or anything like that, just to understand I could easily fold and I won’t,” Beasley wrote. “For those who care, I love y’all and will return the favor I promise.” – Malik Beasley.