Rosas brought on Tru Pettigrew as vice president of player programs/diversity and inclusion to help the Timberwolves cope, communicate and organize in the wake of Floyd’s death. The organization takes great pride in being involved, but that made the news on Sunday that much harder to accept. “You’re back here in the situation, you feel like you’re not doing enough,” Rosas said. “That’s a wake-up call for all of us. We all love Minneapolis. We all love Minnesota. It’s an incredible place to live and to be. It’s unfortunate that we’re here again. “But for us, it comes with a responsibility and we have to do what we’ve done in the past and we can do more to bring more awareness so we’re not back in this situation.
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And after the Timberwolves’ 127-97 loss to the Nets, their players condemned Wright’s killing. Meanwhile, former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin is on trial over the death of George Floyd less than a year ago. “There’s only so much you can say,” Timberwolves guard D’Angelo Russell said. “We have a platform right here to bring awareness to it. There’s nothing we can do from this conversation right now. The biggest thing is bringing awareness and going out and actually do things about it.”
“That’s the unfortunate part about it,” Timberwolves forward Josh Okogie said. “I love basketball with all my heart. I eat, sleep and breathe basketball. It’s my job and it’s what I love to do. For sure, yesterday was not the right thing to do to play basketball. But when things like this happen, I get mad because I also now have to stop doing what I love to do because somebody can’t follow the rules and somebody else can’t value life. You see what I’m saying? Why do I have to suffer based on something that wasn’t even supposed to be taking place in the first place? But yesterday for sure was the right decision not to play. Today? I’m not even sure, to be honest. I don’t know. I can’t tell you. But it just sucks I can’t focus and we have to worry. Everything just sucks. I can’t give you an answer to that question.”
“The real agreement is with the NBA. The NBA will make the decision if somebody’s going to move or not move,” Taylor said. “The NBA will not approve of the Timberwolves moving from here to Seattle. It’s in the NBA’s interest that in Seattle, that a new team is formed. It’s an economic decision that’s in the interest of all of the owners.” Taylor, who also owns the Star Tribune, said the money new owners could earn for the league with an expansion fee could be upwards of $2 billion. He also said the new owners “are not going to pay” $1.5 billion to buy the Wolves then another $2 billion or so to move the team.
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