Durant made his remarks on a YouTube show hosted by former Thunder teammate, Serge Ibaka. In the past, Durant said he didn’t give the Knicks more than a second’s thought. “I just liked the organization as far as the direction they were going in – a bunch of young guys that played in the playoffs before,” Durant said of the Nets. “The Knicks players, they‘re good young players but they still need more experience to match where I was in my career. It was nothing major against the Knicks. I just think Brooklyn is further along in the process of being a contender.”
The general expectations for the Knicks are clear from those around the NBA. Gambling establishments (it’s not just Las Vegas anymore) have set the Knicks’ wins total at around 27 for this season, which puts them in the bottom five of the league. FiveThirtyEight projects the Knicks to win a league-worst 21 games. To get an insider’s view, I polled three NBA scouts to see how they see the Knicks. The first scout forecast a 25-win season ahead for the team. The second scout was much more bullish, believing the Knicks could compete for one of the East’s last playoff spots. “Those bigs they got,” he said, “they’re the same but they’re good.” The third scout thought the Knicks could be among the worst teams in the league, and maybe as bad as second-worst in the East.