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The New York Knicks hired Rick Brunson to their assistant coaching staff in June. Since then, the organization has repeatedly declined to answer whether an investigation was conducted into the 2018 allegations of improper conduct toward women in the workplace that led to Brunson’s resignation from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The latest example of the team choosing not to answer came Tuesday when head coach Tom Thibodeau held a news conference following the first practice of the season. “I would just say in general, our organization is gonna vet everyone. That’s a normal protocol now,” Thibodeau said after being asked if there was an investigation. “But I’m not sure exactly of everything that was done, but I know whenever they hire anyone, they’re gonna vet them.”
The Athletic requested to ask Brunson about the matter on Tuesday, but the Knicks said they would not make him available, citing a policy that assistant coaches are not allowed to speak to the media. While not delving into the specifics of the Knicks’ vetting process, Thibodeau did vouch for Brunson’s character. Thibodeau was the head coach in Minnesota when Brunson resigned, so he has first-hand knowledge of how that situation played out.