The NBA is closing in on signing off on a second “bubble” in Chicago for the eight teams that were not invited to play in Florida, enabling them to participate in a mini-training camp and subsequent games against other clubs with a target date of September, sources told ESPN on Thursday. The details are still being hammered out, and teams continue to push for an alternative plan that would enable them to hold mini-camps within their local markets and to explore the idea of establishing regional sites where teams could scrimmage against each other.
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The coronavirus can’t stop Spencer Dinwiddie from needling Knicks fans. Quarantining since his recent positive test, the Nets guard responded Thursday to a picture circulating on social media of Knicks center Mitchell Robinson. In that selfie, Robinson is wearing what appears to be a custom-made shirt that shows him blocking Dinwiddie’s shot. Dinwiddie, who designs his own sneakers with images and messages, then wrote on Twitter: “I would’ve put em on a shoe, but ima need him to not lead the league in fouls before I do that.”
Back in 2010, James met with the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Clippers, Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls in addition to the Knicks and Heat as he contemplated his future. It’s easy to forget that James was said to be seriously considering the Knicks at the time. In fact, there was even a strong rumor that LeBron was going to choose the Knicks. So what happened? Bill Simmons said on his podcast that the Knicks’ meeting with James was a “disaster.” “They had a legendary meeting. Donnie Walsh was in the wheelchair, and (James) Dolan was Dolan. And it was just a complete – they didn’t have anything prepared. And it just couldn’t have gone worse, by all accounts. It was a disaster,” Simmons said.
Jamahl Mosley, a Knicks coaching candidate, is in his sixth season on Rick Carlisle’s Mavericks staff. The 41-year-old has emerged as one of the league’s top young assistants destined to take the next step. However, it was legendary coach George Karl — not Carlisle — who gave Mosley his first job in the NBA, hiring him to work out Nuggets players in 2006 for the paltry salary of $25,000. Mosley, a 6-foot-8 star power forward at the University of Colorado, was with Karl from 2006-10, going from player developmental coach to bench assistant coach in their last two seasons together. “I thought he had a great connection with today’s player,’’ the retired Karl told The Post from his home in Denver. “He was hungry. He was big in player development, then toward the end of his time, we gave him scouting reports, game-plan responsibilities. He was really good with basketball intellect and really good with players. That’s the combo you need in today’s world and changing attitudes of the young players.”
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But DeRozan is more likely to opt in with the Spurs. Among the likely free agents, there aren’t any five-alarm guys, but I do think Evan Fournier has a bit of a warning flag attached. He’s coming off a career year at 27 that featured shooting percentages far above his career norms, so he’s likely to regress. That would have a rebuilding Knicks team buying into a declining commodity. I have him projected at a $12.5 million value next season and likely to go further downward from there, and he’s going to get way more than that if he chooses free agency. (Fournier has a player option for $17.1 million.) He’s not a bad player, but he’s the wrong one for a team like the Knicks.
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I’ll mention one other guy since I’ve heard his name connected to the Knicks: Fred Van Vleet. He would likely be a decent value. I have him projected at a $20.7 million valuation next season, and the Knicks would be buying his age 26 through 29 seasons on a four-year deal — presumably his prime years. The Knicks should walk away if the annual price gets too high, but at something around $20 million a year, he’s a solid value who still lets the Knicks have max room in 2021.

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Once the Orlando operation is up and running, the league and the NBPA will decide what to do about the eight teams that aren’t taking part (Charlotte, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Minnesota, Cleveland, Golden State). All those players face the prospect of going nearly six months without facing NBA opponents, and sources say there is significant support from most of those teams for the possibility of a secondary campus site where they would train, compete and even play televised games in much the same way they plan to in Orlando.
Two former Knicks blasted the new front office, with Rasheed Wallace calling the hirings of Leon Rose and William Wesley “a brain fart” by the organization and Stephon Marbury labeling Wesley, in particular, a “world wide sucker.” Marbury didn’t get into specifics during his social media rant, but Wallace said the executives carry baggage into their new jobs because of their dealings as agents and won’t have the respect of players because they lack a basketball background.
There’s at least one person who hates the addition of William “World Wide Wes” Wesley to the Knicks’ front office. Former Knick Stephon Marbury slammed Wesley on Twitter on Thursday afternoon. “Did you really just now bring world wide sucka to the New York Knicks? And I ain’t talking about a sucka like the sucka we call a sucka,” Marbury said in a video posted to his Twitter account. “Really? You brought this dude here? Why? I’m a real New York Knicks fan. I’ve been a New York Knicks fan since I was a spit. Come on Dolan, man. You gotta be kidding me, man. You brought this dude here? Really? What’s going on, man? There’s gotta be an explanation. Not him! Of all people, you bring this dude here? You bring him to NYC? To New York? He don’t got no credibility here! Nah.”
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The Knicks’ hiring of “World Wide Wes,” aka William Wesley, was universally praised on Wednesday as a forward-thinking addition by new team president Leon Rose. One former Knick, however, is against it. Stephon Marbury blasted the move, calling Wesley “world wide sucker,” in a video he posted on Instagram and wrote on Twitter that Wesley is a “kiss a–.”
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Stephon Marbury: “C’mon man, c’mon. At New York Knicks, did you really just bring world wide sucker to the New York Knicks. … Really? You brought this dude here? Why? I’m a real New York Knicks fan. I’ve been a New York Knicks fan since I was a [kid]. … C’mon [Jim] Dolan man. You gotta be kidding me, man. You brought this dude here? Really? What’s going on man. There’s gotta be an explanation. Not him. Out of all people, you bring this dude here? You bring him to NYC? To New York? He ain’t got no credibility here. Nah.”
Marbury, 43, says he remains a Knicks fan, which is why he doesn’t like what he’s seeing. “When are we really going to try to win in NY,” he tweeted at the Knicks official account. “The people of NY deserve real New York people leading the way for New Yorkers. These fake kiss a$$ blow up fast cats ain’t going to cut the check other than going into BOA to deposit the check. We sick and tired!”
What does it mean to you to coach in New York? Mike Woodson: “It means everything to me. Think about it: I was a young kid who had a big-time college career, and the organization thought enough of me to draft me with their No. 1 draft pick back in 1980. And then they think enough of you to bring you back as a coach. When I came back, I was an assistant coach and was asked to take over once Mike D’Antoni stepped down. It was like a dream come true for me. I had come full circle.”
What’s it like to coach a winning team in New York? Mike Woodson: “I’ve played and coached for a number of teams and there’s nothing like winning in New York. There’s just nothing like it, especially in terms of the fans. The beauty about the fans in New York and people that love Knick basketball: you can’t trick them. They sniff that out right away. I knew that when I took over. We went 18-6 to end the regular season (outscoring opponents by a combined 211 points), made the playoffs and set the tone for next year. And then we got a bunch of guys in our first offseason to buy into our system. And I thought it worked out pretty well (the Knicks won 54 games in Woodson’s first full season, 2012-13).”