The net worth of the richest New Zealanders has been revealed in the latest rankings released by the National Business Review (NBR). For the first time the total wealth owned by those on the list exceeds $100 billion. It includes the likes of basketball star Steven Adams, former Prime Minister Sir John Key, US-based tech billionaire and New Zealand citizen Peter Thiel, and movie mogul Sir Peter Jackson.
In a letter provided to The Oklahoman via the Thunder on Monday entitled “Thank you, OKC,” Anthony expressed his appreciation for his one season with the Thunder. Anthony was traded to Atlanta in July then waived by the Hawks. He officially signed a one-year, $2.39 million contract with Houston on Monday, paving the way for his letter of thanks to Oklahoma City, the Thunder organization, and the fans he called “INCREDIBLE.” “Throughout the entire season, game after game, you cheered me on and rooted for us as a team,” Anthony wrote. “That is something I will always cherish and never forget. That genuine support kept me going all season long.”
The transition didn’t work as planned. Even though he sacrificed touches and shots throughout the season, Anthony waited until the conclusion of the season to express frustration with his role through the media. “IN LIFE, I’ve learned that things don’t always turn out how you want,” Anthony continued in his letter. “I wanted nothing more than to make it work here & help bring this city a championship. I’m sorry it didn’t work out while I was here.”