Rachel Nichols: Is the Blazers’ problem injuries? Or a lack of continuity? Either way, Tracy McGrady & @WindhorstESPN want Portland to get on the phone to OKC and make a deal for Danilo Gallinari.

Storyline: Danilo Gallinari Trade?
After a rocky summer in which their [James Harden and Chris Paul’s] prickly inner dynamics were revealed to the outside world and certainly played a part in the Westbrook move, sources say that a familiar debate – how much they focus on offense vs. the need to take more of a prideful approach to defense – has been a point of early frustration among the players yet again and a topic of great focus.
Storyline: Houston Rockets Turmoil?
The players who wear Thunder colors certainly never forget, even when they go to different teams. It’s been four years since Magic guard D.J. Augustin was a Thunder player, but he was especially moved by Tuesday’s presentation. “I went there (to the Memorial), and I saw what happened. I was able to get the history behind it,” Augustin told The Athletic. Augustin played parts of two seasons in Oklahoma City from 2014 to 2016. “To see those families tonight is pretty emotional. I just thought about my family back home and my kids.”
Prior to Tuesday’s game, representatives for each family were ushered onto the floor. The numbers multiplied until the space between the teams lined up for the national anthem was filled. Each of the 168 family members raised a City Edition jersey, arms outstretched to the rafters. According to Gist, the Thunder had to get special permission from the NBA to have that many people on the court. It had never been done before. No detail was spared. “Not only is it well done and professional, but it’s done in a tenderness and a heartfelt and very supportive kind of way,” Gist said. “It’s really impressive what they do. The Thunder has just been awesome with their support.”