What Jeff Weltman, who is about to begin his second season as the leader of the Magic’s basketball operations department, also saw was a group of fans who are eager to see the franchise find success once again. “Obviously, our fanbase is desperate for wins and we feel the weight of that,’’ Weltman admitted. “We talk about it all the time – we owe it to our fans to bring them a winner. These jobs are really like civil servant jobs and the purpose for us is to bring this city together … win and bring the city together.’’
Jeff Weltman: “We believe that Aaron has a great leap yet to make. His improvement won’t come by him being a better worker because he’s already as good a worker as you could ever ask for. He’s going to have to get there by gaining more of an overall understanding of how it all fits together. That comes with age and experience. The best thing about Aaron is that his response to any adversity is always hard work. Now, with the organization coming together as it is and putting pieces around him, we’re looking forward to him making that next leap.’’
Jeff Weltman: “I think Jonathan was 211 and he’s 226 (pounds) today. It’s all a testament to the hard work that he’s put in. The Orlando Magic fans who are junkies and really watched the Summer League games that were on TV got a glimpse of where his game is headed. He’s a defender, a facilitator, he’s going to be able to hit shots and his instincts are uncanny. All of that stuff is good, but the glue is the character and work ethic and he’s got it. I have no reservations in saying that.”