Hawks beat Pacers behind huge 25-point, 24-rebound game from Clint Capela

Chris Kirschner: Hawks hold off the Pacers and win 129-117. They move to 31-26 and back into the four seed (hold tiebreaker over the Celtics). Trae Young: 34/11 Clint Capela: 25/24/3 blocks/2 steals Kevin Huerter: 23/9 Bogdan Bogdanovic: 23 Up next: vs. Magic on Tuesday
“I never knew this until Kobe told me this story. He wants to see Penny, and Penny’s not a bad guy, but I don’t know what was going on that day and he was just [like], ‘Whatever.’ And Kobe was standing there. I actually remember this day, the kid was sitting there and I grabbed him like, ‘Come on, little fella; I’ll take a picture with you!’ I never knew that kid was Kobe until he told me. We played together, had our fights and battles together, and then when we did that Lakers sit-down interview, Kobe said, ‘Hey man, you remember when I came in the locker room and wanted to see Penny and he blew me off?’ I was like, ‘That was you?!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, that was me.’