Isaac still must make a conscious effort to eat even when he feels full. A fifth or sixth meal of the day, plus the shakes and snacks, help him maintain his weight. The results have been impressive. When Magic swingman Evan Fournier returned to Orlando from a couple of months overseas this summer, he was shocked to see Isaac. Fournier recalled asking Isaac, “Did you grow this summer?” Practices and preseason games have made Fournier even more awestruck. “I feel like he’s bigger and more explosive, and he covers more space than last year, I think, which is great obviously,” Fournier said. “His defense is gonna be huge for us. So that’s really the only guy where I’m like, ‘Whoa, that’s impressive!’
That’s the fundamental difference between Howard and Davis: Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James. “I think where [Davis] might be getting a pass, when Dwight came over, the situation was this was Kobe’s team,” the executive said. “Whereas Dwight was like, ‘I’m doing it my way because I went to the NBA Finals … I got [former Orlando head coach Stan Van Gundy] fired.’ People are going to listen to me. He let it go to his head.”