Thybulle quickly responded to Beth Curley and by 3 p.m. the next day he was on his way to meet Freddy Curley at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. When the NBA player showed up, he immediately flipped Freddy’s mood just a day after finding out his diagnosis and going through a blood transfusion and a week of chemotherapy. “That’s what I told Matisse,” Beth Curley told CBS Philadelphia. “This is what you did — you took this day that we were so fearful of and you turned it into this day that we never wanna forget now. And it was an amazing thing to have done for us.
John Denton: PG Markelle Fultz on potentially talking trash tonight with @sixers C and former teammate @JoelEmbiid : “He’s going to be telling me to shoot it and talking trash. That’s what we did all the time when we were in practice together. More Fultz: “I’m ready for it and I’ve got some stuff for him, too. But it should be a fun, entertaining game tonight. … I’m going to talk trash regardless (of whether Embiid plays or not tonight), no matter where we’re at. It just goes back to having fun.”