Before his team’s game against the Dallas Mavericks, the 76ers coach was asked his thoughts about Sunday’s fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, a Black man, by police in Brooklyn Center, Minn. The incident rocked the Minneapolis suburb miles way from where George Floyd was killed during a police arrest in May. “You know, frustrating as it should be for … I think we should stop staying frustrating for all Black Americans,” Rivers said of his thoughts. “I think it should be frustrated [thoughts] by all Americans.”
Anger was expressed by community members watching the video from the lobby of the police headquarters. Meanwhile, there were protests outside. “I don’t know if it’s a mistake or not,” Rivers said. “I saw the body cam video like everyone else. But I just know the frustration is a real thing for everybody. “And for us, we keep hearing this cancel culture stuff. But you know we’re canceling Black lives. And I think to me, that’s a little more important in my opinion and it just keeps happening. We keep making mistakes on killing Black people.”
Former general manager Billy King joined The Audacy NBA Show with Ryan McDonough and he explained what the Sixers would have to do to try and protect Iverson: When he was injured and we knew he couldn’t play we used to hide his jersey. Because he would come to the locker room looking for his jersey, we’d lock it somewhere so he couldn’t get it…. One time, in New York, he found his jersey but didn’t have any shoes. He was trying to send the ball boy to the Foot Locker around the corner. He said ‘just give me a pair of their Reeboks. I can play in those.’ Then he pointed to an attendant, ‘what size are you, just give me those shoes,’ because he wanted to play so bad.