Josh Richardson, an avid soccer fan, was in Miami for the Barcelona-Napoli match and spoke to Chris Fischer of NBC6 South Florida. It sounds like Richardson, acquired in the sign-and-trade deal involving Jimmy Butler, is looking forward to taking on his former team. “Honestly, when I come back here, I want to kill the Heat,” Richardson said. “I want to beat them by 20. That’s just how I’m built. If I was on the Heat, I would want to beat Philly by 50 because that’s just how the rivalry, how are teams went.”
“That sort of stuff bothers me,” Lemanis said of the criticism directed at Simmons. “Ben’s at the high end of that (criticism) because of the superstar status that he carries. But I saw when Bogut was coming through and people used to get on him. These guys are passionate about playing for their country, and they want to play.”
5 days ago via ESPN