Jason Richardson: That team was probably one of the closest teams that I was on. I think the next-closest team where the guys really got along was my Phoenix team in 2010. But that We Believe team was so special because, like I said, nobody gave us a chance. At the time, I was coming off an injury and a lot of people were saying that I was overpaid and wasn’t worth it. You had Stephen Jackson coming off of the brawl, the Malice at the Palace. With Baron Davis, they said he was injury-prone. Al Harrington, same thing. Matt Barnes was viewed as this castaway, a “thug” that wasn’t really a basketball player. We all had to band together and fight for each other. We were trying to prove that we could do this, especially with the way we played. We were small, we were in your face, we shot a lot of threes, but we also played defense. It was incredible. I just remember all of the times we were together. The first time we were on the plane and we knew that we were all back healthy; Baron had finally come back and was healthy. We played Detroit and I think we beat Detroit by, like, 30 points. [Editor’s note: It was 18 points]. And we all made a pact right then and there on the airplane that we were going to do this for each other and we were going to make the playoffs.
This game included a Bingo card filled with entries like “Ayton dunks” and “Rubio rebound” that fans could use to follow along. It was also the first broadcast to be called on the radio, as Suns radio host Jon Bloom and Suns color analyst Tim Kempton called the NBA 2K game on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, an ESPN Radio station based in Phoenix. According to the Suns’ official press release, this is the first NBA 2K game ever called on the radio.
“Oh my gosh,” Phoenix Suns forward Frank Kaminsky shouted, “I’m trash!” Lucky for Suns fans, he wasn’t talking about his on-the-court prowess. There were moments Monday that Kaminsky wasn’t happy with his NBA 2K20 play, but his Phoenix Suns kept it competitive against Brian Bowen II’s Indiana Pacers, with Indiana edging out the win 93-87.