Snyder addressed Kokoskov’s recent firing after just one season in the desert. “We talked and I don’t need to comment on the situation,” Snyder said. “You can imagine kind of my thoughts, but I will say having worked with Igor recently and over the years, as far back as the previous century, I know what a quality coach he is and the kind of person he is.”
Storyline: Igor Kokoskov Firing
During the regular season, Snyder even praised him as a “genius,” who taught him things as far keeping the game simple. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll have future opportunities and any time you’re in a program and it’s your first year with whatever type of adversity,” Snyder said. “When something’s new there’s always challenges. Obviously, as a coach it’s always unfortunate when you see a colleague let go and with Igor it’s much more personal than that for me.