Marcin Gortat talked about his former team, the Phoenix Suns, and was critical of the way things operate in the team. “From a basketball standpoint it was great but when it comes to everything else the Suns are the worst organization I’ve ever played for. To this day, I think it hasn’t changed because some people working there should never manage this team,” Gortat said during an appearance on the Kamil Chanas podcast.
You played with Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns. Now you’re playing with Deandre Ayton. What have you seen in Ayton that makes you think he could be a special big? Dario Saric: Both of them are really good offensively. Both of them are probably top three, top two big men in the league. Deandre is extremely talented. He’s a guy who for sure one day could come upon that level like those two guys. I don’t know if that’ll be next year, this year, for two years, three years, but what I see from him is similar. He can shoot. He can play on the low post. He’s great on defense. I think he can be like them. He’s got the potential to be like them, maybe even better than them. One day, he will be on their level.
What you think of Phoenix so far. What’s your initial impression of the city? Dario Saric: It’s very nice here. Obviously it’s always nice with the warm weather almost all year. It’s the kind of living I really like. I was dying for that, you know. Philly is kind of cold. Last year, I was in Minnesota. Minneapolis is like the coldest city in the United States. It was kind of hard for me, but finally, I find a place under the sun.