But while fans may want change now, the future be damned, Lillard last week had an interesting viewpoint during two discussions with The Athletic: Because it is so hard to attract talent to Portland, maybe the best tactic is to stay the course and attack the super powers with something they don’t have: continuity. “When you look around the league, you just see the talent. Teams are stacking up on talent,” Lillard said. “You see a lot of guys teaming up and guys wanting to be on the same team. When you want to compete with that — like on a championship level — you gotta try to fight that with firepower. For us, I think our chemistry, our style of play, and the coaching we have — that’s a big thing for us. So like, we lean on that. We’ve been successful with it. But when you talk about a championship level, it’s tough to compete with those ultra-talented teams — Golden State, Oklahoma City, teams that just have player after player after player.
Dan Favale: James Harden now leads all active NBA players in career 40-point games (via @Basketball-Reference): 1. Harden (65) 2. LeBron (64) 3. Kevin Durant (55) 4. Russell Westbrook (39) 5. Steph Curry/Melo (36) 7. Dwyane Wade (34) 8. Vince Carter (32) 9. Anthony Davis (30) 10. Damian Lillard (21) pic.twitter.com/5nPLxunMrh