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“Luka has been a great player since he arrived at Real Madrid when he was 13 years old,” Laso said in the opening presser for the EuroLeague Final Four. “But he’s also been a great person since that day. That made him so big. When people talked about the NBA and how he’s going to play there, I didn’t have any doubts. No doubts that he’s going to play good. Because probably the best thing he has a person, and for sure as a player, is that he’s able to adjust in any situation. And that’s something that you have to have as a person. And Luka has it.”
Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic was asked what would be his pick if he had to choose between claiming 2022 All-Star Game MVP and his former club Real Madrid winning the Spanish Copa del Rey. “Real Madrid wins Copa del Rey for sure. Easy,” Doncic answered. Real will be facing archrival Barcelona in the Cup Final Sunday (20/2), some hours before the Slovenian player makes his third consecutive All-Star Game appearance.
Anadolu Efes’ star went on his Instagram account and shared the message. “I don’t know where that rumor came from or why it has been posted but it is completely false,” wrote Larkin. He also added: “I haven’t agreed or had a conversation with any teams about next season. Focused on finishing this year strong with Efes. The Turkish Cup game is tomorrow.”
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Former Thunder Gabriel Deck is back with Real Madrid

Following a brief NBA stint, Gabriel Deck is back for Real Madrid, head coach Pablo Laso confirmed Sunday. “We are talking about a player who has been determinant in each team he has already played. He will help us a lot. He will give us a lot of options on both sides of the court,” noted the experienced tactician after the ACB Regular Season Round 18 home win opposite Casademont Zaragoza, “The first time he came, we knew he would grow with us. He understands the game, he can play in and out, and his versatility is useful.”
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