Sacramento Kings player Kosta Koufos wed Eleni Bourlas in Canton. But in lieu of wedding gifts, the couple asked their guests this month to make a donation in honor of Koufos’ late father, a former Akron Children’s Hospital pediatric hematologist/oncologist. The couple’s “wedding gift” donation to the hospital’s Showers Family Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders has so far exceeded $35,000, in addition to toys, books and games purchased for patients. The newlyweds delivered the gifts on a recent visit to the hospital.
Kosta Koufos graduated from GlenOak High School and played basketball at Ohio State University for one year before joining the NBA, where he is entering his 11th season. “Eleni and I are truly humbled by the outpouring of love at this special time in our lives,” Koufos said in a prepared statement. “We are in awe by the work being done at the Showers Center to care for children with cancer. Every staff member recognizes what a difficult time this is for the children and families and they do everything they can to create a comfortable and loving environment for them. We are so grateful for our family and friends in making these donations in our honor, as well as in memory of my father.”
MT: Speaking of narratives from your career, there were different ones coming out of Dallas and Sacramento than in your last two stints in Chicago and New Orleans, where a lot was said about your positive impact on young players. Do you feel like you’ve been the same person all the way through, and the situations have just fit in different ways? Rajon Rondo: That’s pretty accurate. What I pride myself on mostly is making the game easier for my teammates. I don’t mind thinking up every play or possession for my teammates if that’s what’s needed. I’m an extension of the coach on the floor.