Jason Jones: RIP to my friend and one of my mentors, Marty McNeal. I’ll never forget the first time I met you when I was in college. You let me tag along while you covered a Kings-Warriors game. When I tried to leave you alone so you could write, you told me “Fuck a deadline. We’re hangin.” When I told you it didn’t feel right to cover the NBA without you on the beat, you told me not to worry and do my thing. You gave me shit about L.A., I made fun of you for liking the Mets and Yankees. I just talked to you a couple weeks ago. I’m hurt right now. Thanks for everything you did for me.
Storyline: Marty McNeal Death
Ben Simmons’ Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Motivation debuts Thursday at House of Hoops by Foot Locker and online at footlocker.com. The 76ers point guard’s new sneaker is part of a Nike series recognizing the motivational phrases and pregame rituals of standouts that include Simmons, Dallas Mavericks point guard Luka Dončić, Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox, and Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner.
Today, Sacramento Kings General Manager Vlade Divac issued the following statement on the passing of Martin McNeal, the team’s beat writer for The Sacramento Bee from 1992 to 2005: “I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing of my friend Marty Mac. I’ll never forget his incredible sense of humor and he will be forever remembered as a truly iconic figure in both the Sacramento and national media landscape.”
Storyline: Marty McNeal Death
On the latest episode of the Purple Talk podcast, Kings assistant coach Bobby Jackson, who is currently working out with players at the team’s practice facility, gave his opinion on the matter. “Honestly, I think the guys want to play basketball,” Jackson said. “I think they want to play in a safe environment though and I know the NBA will do a great job of putting us in a great environment that will allow us to be safe.”
“I think every guy really wants to get back, they want to get back into the swing of things, because you miss it,” Jackson added. “It’s a part of your life. It’s a part of your body. You’ve got a close knit family and brotherhood that you’ve been a part of throughout the season and nothing is better than getting back out on the floor with the guys you love going to war with.”