It appears to be only a matter of time until a woman is hired as a head coach in the NBA. In 2017, Commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN there “definitely will be” a woman in the lead position, and he partially placed the onus on himself to “ensure that it happens sooner rather than later.” Hammon interviewed for the Milwaukee Bucks’ head coaching job in May 2018, and she will enter her sixth year as one of the top San Antonio Spurs assistants as Coach Gregg Popovich inches closer to retirement. “I have a very high expectation that it will happen — it’s not an expectation. I know it will happen at some point,” said Oris Stuart, the NBA’s executive vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer. “There are women who have the ability and the interest to contribute to this game at the highest level. If that ability is there, it’s going to be recognized, and if that interest is there, it’s going to be responded to.”
He understands the obstacles they’re facing every day in one of the nation’s poorest cities because he grew up on the same streets and saw the same things. “I’ve been through a lot,” Walker said. “I’ve dealt with a lot. My story is no different than anyone else’s. I’ve been through it all. I had my self-doubts growing up thinking I couldn’t make it out of this city. I’ve had many friends, some of whom passed away, some who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and some who didn’t have true guidance.