Fourteen games into his 13th NBA season, LaMarcus Aldridge finds himself in uncharted territory. He doesn’t know exactly how he got there, but he’s confident he’ll find his way out. “I don’t think I’ve ever gone through (something like) this.…But I will figure it out,” Aldridge said of an offensive slump that’s bedeviled him and the Spurs as they’ve dropped five of their last six games, including a 116-111 decision to the Clippers on Thursday night.
San Antonio Spurs GM RC Buford, together with the head of international scouting of the team Claudio Crippa, are present in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague game between Olympiacos and Fenerbahce held in Piraeus, Greece. Olympiacos‘ starting center is Spurs‘ stashed big Nikola Milutinov while former San Antonio player Joffrey Lauvergne plays for Fenerbahce.
Popovich is famously terse, but not about Becky Hammon. “She has the ability as far as innate knowledge of the game, a feel for the game, a work ethic,” he said. “She’s gained the respect of all of our players, including guys that are no longer here, like Manu (Ginobili) and Tim (Duncan) and Tony (Parker), so all that’s in place. But my personal belief is, it’s gonna take somebody that has some courage and isn’t steeped in the old status quo of who can coach and who can’t. Why can’t a woman do what I’m doing or what anybody else is doing in the NBA?”
Storyline: Becky Hammon Head Coach?