Patrick Mills: Well that’s awks. Not the ultimate award I was after, but I was told by @BasketballAus on the bus post game that I made the All-Star Five. Nek Minute… ??????? Throw it on the fire ?? WE’LL BE BACK #Tokyo2020 @AUSOlympicTeam

Storyline: World Cup
Popovich said it’s too early to think about what USA Basketball needs to do before getting ready for the Tokyo Games. But he warned — just as two-time gold medalist Kobe Bryant did on Friday — that the days of American romps to gold are done. “There are a lot of great teams in the world,” Popovich said. “It’s not written in stone that the United States is supposed to walk to a championship. That’s pretty old-school thinking. Even the teams that have won in the past had a lot of close calls.”
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“People want to play the blame game, there’s no blame to be placed anywhere,” Popovich said. “They want to play the shame game, like we should be ashamed because we didn’t win a gold medal? That’s a ridiculous attitude. It’s immature, it’s arrogant, and it shows that whoever thinks that doesn’t respect all the other teams in the world and doesn’t respect that these guys did the best they could.”
Storyline: World Cup
“I don’t fault anybody that decided not to come — everybody’s got a life,” Popovich said. “Things happen in people’s families. People have things going on. Could be injuries, could be personal commitments that they have. Whoever came, came. “This group I couldn’t have been happier with any other group no matter who would’ve come. They wouldn’t have worked any harder this group.”
To hear Kerr tell it, Team USA head coach Gregg Popovich is the reason. In the lead up, Kerr’s refrain was on being thrilled to learn from the old master. This is a coaching camp, as much as anything else, and while Kerr has presided over incredible success for multiple seasons, he still looks to Popovich as a model. Kerr might have the more recent rings, but he’ll gladly take notes on Popovich’s approach like he’s entering his first coaching season. “It’s more detail stuff in terms of how he operates in practice and how he handles the team,” Kerr said via text message from China when asked about what he’s absorbing. “It’s not really about plays and drills. It’s more about efficiency and process.”