He recently sat with Dr. Kensa Gunter a Clinical Sport Psychologist on handling life at home during the quarantine on an NBA Instagram chat. DeRozan opened up the session by asking what is something people can do to keep a positive mindset while in quarantine and dealing with the crisis. “There’s so much we’re being exposed to. There’s information overload. One of the first things we have to do is to be mindful about how much information we’re taking in,” Gunter told DeRozan. ” Not listening to news 24 hours certainly helps.”
David Fizdale, who once navigated the balance between a program’s identity and a superstar’s influence as a former Miami Heat assistant, called Brooklyn’s firing of Kenny Atkinson “a kick in the stomach” and implied the coach didn’t have enough support. “When it comes to players with power, your front office has to really be strong and your culture has to be strong to weather disgruntled players,” the former Knicks coach said on ESPN Radio. “And you have to have a certain amount of support for your coach so when things get turbulent. “I’ll give you a perfect example, it wasn’t always perfect in Miami between (coach Erik Spoelstra) and LeBron. But one thing we knew for sure, Spo wasn’t going anywhere, because he had the support of (team president Pat Riley and owner Mickey Arison), from the standpoint of, ‘This is our culture, this is how we do things, and everyone has to adjust to that.’ That’s the thing I respect so much about those teams like San Antonio and Miami, they make the players adapt to their culture. They don’t go the other way.”
On what Derrick White is doing to keep in shape during an NBA hiatus stretching into its third week: “I’m doing a lot of at-home workouts. We’ve got an assault bike I’ve been on. I’m trying to do as much as I can to stay in shape. It’s been hard to do as much to stay in shape for basketball because you don’t have a gym. I’m doing as much as I can to be ready when that time comes.”
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