Walker had another theory though that is way less fun than everybody being giants and probably more head-scratching than Kyrie Irving’s insistance on trying to start a discussion about whether or not the Earth is flat. (It’s not. There’s no discussion there.) “One of my favorite ones is actually the whole (Adolf) Hitler thing, with him supposedly dying, him and his wife,” Walker said. “Just that whole allegations. I just feel as a great powerful leader, there’s no that way you were by yourself in a house where you died, or whatever it shall be. It just doesn’t add up.” Walker went on to say that because of the amount of admiration Hitler had, and for some sick reason, still has among the worst people in society, that would be enough reason to not commit suicide. He also added that people still read Hitler’s “poets.”
Brian Windhorst: “My feel is that LeBron James is not picking up his player option – that LeBron is going into unrestricted free agency, and that will result basically in San Antonio and Houston being out of the mix. I think he will interact with [San Antonio and Houston], but I think it’s Philadelphia, Cleveland or Los Angeles [Lakers], with Cleveland or L.A. being the two real choices and Philly sort of being there.”
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Storyline: LeBron James Free Agency
Spurs general manager R.C. Buford said Thursday night that the franchise’s desire is to keep disgruntled All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard in the fold but that the club “will explore all of our options.” Among the issues Leonard has had with the Spurs is his frustration with the team’s handling of a quadriceps injury that kept him out of action for all but nine games this past season. Leonard wants to be traded to Los Angeles, preferably to the Lakers, sources have told ESPN.
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