“We took the players that we felt had equity, in other words they had played for us in previous competitions, and we added some players,” Colaneglo said. “Basically they’re all there because they were asked a simple question, ‘are you in or are you out?’ They all said ‘we’re in.’ So we have a whole group of 44 who all want to play. That’s how I look at it. Pop [Gregg Popovich] and I are going to not have a tryout, we’re not going through that again. We’re just going to pick 12 players.”
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Colangelo also shared a bit about how the team will be chosen, which doesn’t entail just picking the 12 best players in the league. “You never know how these things are going to play out. We’re not going to necessarily — I keep saying this, and I’ve been consistent — you don’t take the 12 best players necessarily. You take the best 12 that make the best team.”
The late, great Kobe Bryant certainly had a major impact on a lot of the stars in the NBA today, including Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. In an exclusive interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, Durant explained how Bryant impacted him as a player. Durant mostly shared about his experience with Kobe in the 2012 Olympics, and how being around the Los Angeles Lakers legend changed his approach to the game (Quote at the 10:20 mark of the video below): “Just the first few practices of Team USA in 2012. Just his approach to practice and then also how he played the games and his focus on what he wanted to do out there on the court. He was a defender for us and a shotmaker. So to see Kobe play a role outside of just being the main scorer, it showed me that anybody can lock into a role and perfect it.”
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